Castle Bethelshire

To answer your first question – yes, this is the most throwback I could make my site. It took some time, but it was absolutely worth it. This is my site, take it or leave it. Literally. If you’re not enjoying yourself already, and you’re not into writing or choose your own adventures, this isn’t the site for you. I’ll do you a favor and list a few things you would probably enjoy more:

Still here? Best of luck to you, weary traveler.

I’ve been designing fliers, business cards, letterhead, company logos and websites since 2001. I’ve also been an avid writer for most of my life, and the e-pages within showcase some of my favorite works, as well as a bizarre selection of my latest hobby: choose-your-own adventures and children’s digital flipbooks.

My publishing company has several titles coming out in the next few months, so my design load is currently almost at capacity, but I’m always looking to take on new clientele of any nature and the subsequent challenges. While I may not be able to guarantee you my normal two-week turnaround, I won’t commit to a project if I can’t get it done in a timely, pre-discussed manner. So please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or custom requests.


  • Professional – I’ve been doing this for over a decade now, and am quite good at what I do. If this site doesn’t convince you of my abilities, check out my portfolio of projects and the happy people for whom they were made.
  • Personable – I have better-than-average people skills and am always willing to meet in person for a pint, some business talk, and maybe a few fried pickles. In fact, if fried pickles are involved, I’ll meet almost anywhere.
  • Affordable – I mostly deal with locally-owned independent business, local authors, and non-profit organizations. My prices are dependent solely upon the job and the required turn-around, and I offer a discount for non-profits.
  • Timely – I won’t take a project if I can’t get it done in the required time period, and I won’t make promises or estimates that I know I can’t keep. It’s not worth the headache for either of us.
  • Writerly – I make up a lot words. I’m a Creative Writing major with a double-Minor in Art & Math, so both hemispheres of my brain are locked in a mortal struggle for control, resulting in words like “writerly.”
  • Eco-Friendly – I don’t pour used motor oil in the gutter or throw trash out the window of a moving car, and I rarely throw my batteries in the trash, so choosing my services is good for the environment.