Welcome to the Gaming Table!

Glad you could make it. I’m excited about the chance to get back in to D&D — it’s been way too long — and to explore the new 5th Edition. I never thought I’d like something more than 3.5, but I’m already sold on 5th. As are many other people apparently, since I read recently that Wizard’s has already sold more 5e books than 3e, 3.5e, and 4e combined. Huzzah!

This site is intended to be a source for everything we’ll need in the campaign, and the reasoning behind slapping it all together is threefold.

A map of the Sword Coast
The Sword Coast

Firstly, I was having fun testing what HTML5 and CSS3 would allow me to do with a WordPress theme. Sorry if stuff seems janky, I’ve been trying to make it appear like it’s an actual desktop with papers and things on it. It’s like coding a Photoshop project, and besides breaking several of the media queries (the menu doesn’t work so hot on mobile now, sorry), I’m pretty pleased with how it’s coming out.

Secondly, I’ll be putting stuff here so no one else has to put out the cash to buy any of the books or resources. While the three core books aren’t too bad if you catch them at the right time on Amazon, it can still get pretty pricy. If you want to buy any of the books, I highly recommend picking up the 5th Edition Players’ Handbook. It’s awesome, and has everything you’ll need to play a full game.

Thirdly, this way everyone has access to all the books at the same time and from anywhere, so you can all read up from home or while we’re around the table. Which means everyone can look at the same rules at the same time, and still keep your hands free for dice and Cheetos. And attacking the darkness with a magic missile.

If you have any questions about this or anything D&D-related at all, please reach out and I’d be happy to answer them. But I enjoy a good geek-out once in a while, so be prepared for lengthy answers to your questions.

So if that’s all for now, choose where you’d like to begin . . .