Bannor, Titan of Unyielding Resolve

A Dawn Caste from the western paradise of An-Teng, Bannor has been a brawler since he was old enough to pick up his first opponent. Known throught the Martial Arts world as a warrior of unmatched strength and sportsmanship, his valor and courage both in and out of combat have followed him from his days of temple tournaments to his Exaltation. Only the unfortunate targets of his ire have changed.

 Felk, the Seamless Shadow

A Night Caste from the quiet, black-timber arched streets of Thorns, Felk uses shadows, stealth and his quick wit & even quicker set of sais to handle some of the more “delicate” tasks in the name of the Unconquered Sun. Living amidst the darkness in no way hinders his devotion to his sovereign, or his desire to see the unbridled light of the Sun brought to even the darkest corners of Creation.

hrffnygr the Voweless of the Shimmering Oaks

A Twilight Caste from the eastern forests, hrffnygr is a scholar of both script and sword, as comfortable wielding a blade as he is leafing through a First Age tomb on demon-summoning practices. Between his scientific curiosity and his assorted 1st Circle cohorts, there is little he can’t create or destroy, depending on the day.

Keladi, the Invariable Arrow

A Zenith Caste from the eastern wetlands, Keladi began riding horses before she could walk, and together with her steed and life-long companion-at-arms, Suntaria, uses her unparalleled skills of riding, archery, and tracking to hunt those who would defile the name of the Unconquered Sun.

Narek, the Sagacious Peacock

An Eclipse Caste born to a wealthy family in the Imperial City, Narek was kidnapped in his youth and trained by Gold Faction Sidereals. He travels from city to city making friends easily; sometimes he leaves them on good terms, other times running for his life when found out. Narek draws energy from convincing others that falsehoods are true, and hopes to someday lie to the Scarlet Empress herself.


Tanith, Arbiter of Endless Horizons

An Eclipse Caste from the northern stretches of the White Sea, Arbiter has traversed most of Creation seeking to bring peace and harmony between the terrestrial and elemental spirit courts. He uses his travels as a cover to aid Gold-Faction Sidereals in finding and protecting newly-exalted Solars.