Bannor, Titan of Unyielding Resolve

Bannor, Titan of Unyielding Resolve


A Dawn Caste from the western paradise of An-Teng, Bannor has been a brawler since he was old enough to pick up his first opponent. Known throught the Martial Arts world as a warrior of unmatched strength and sportsmanship, his valor and courage both in and out of combat have followed him from his days of temple tournaments to his Exaltation. Only the unfortunate targets of his ire have changed.


Imay be presumptuous, but I see Bannor as someone who’s been in the Martial Arts world for a long time, and prior to Exalting was some kind of fighting champion on the tournament circuit, and still has quite some level of renown for it. So until I get a bio for him, here’s what the Scroll of the Monk (p.24+) says about Reputation and Tournaments. If you decide to go with something like this for a background, pages 24-26 should give you everything you need to know to throw something together!

REPUTATIONReputation matters a great deal in the Martial Arts World. The respect of other martial artists is one of the chief emotional rewards for mastery. If a martial artist decides to teach students, obviously she’d better have a reputation as a fighter of exceptional skill. Combat prowess is the chief source of respect in the Martial Arts World, but not the only one. Martial artists often respect good sportsmanship, selfless courage, wise use of power and other traits that most people admire. On the other hand, being known for vicious cruelty or brutality provides a degree of respect as well, or at least fear. Good or bad, a strong reputation can provide practical benefits as well. Other martial artists might hesitate to fight someone with a stronger reputation (because they either fear the consequences of losing or fear becoming unpopular for beating up someone other martial artists admire). At the Storyteller’s option, such hesitancy can provide actual benefits in combat to a character with a strong reputation. See the Appendix for an optional new Background, Face, to represent the advantage one martial artist can have over another because of her reputation.

TOURNAMENTSSupernatural martial artists from throughout Creation flock to tournaments where they can face each other in battle. Here, they learn who really is the best. The victor’s prize might be nothing more than the crowd’s acclaim or as grand as an artifact or a fortune in jade. The audience, in turn, receives spectacular entertainment. Some tournaments are pure sporting events. The Guild sponsors tournaments because people pay to attend, either as contestants or spectators. Nobles might sponsor tournaments along with other sporting events to amuse and distract their subjects. Debauched tyrants are notorious for gladiatorial spectacles where criminals, slaves, warriors and beasts all meet their death in blood-soaked arenas. Heads of state can use a tournament to find supremely skilled and powerful warriors. The usual plan is that the tournament’s victor becomes the ruler’s chief bodyguard, the commander or trainer of his troops… or his assassin. The Guild keeps an eye on tournaments to recruit elite mercenaries with exotic fighting skills. Unlike a monarch, the Guild doesn’t need the best of the best. It settles for someone better than most likely opponents. The greatest tournaments attract the Dragon-Blooded, martially inclined gods and other supernatural martial artists. Until recently, Immaculate monks were usually guaranteed victory if they deigned to display their skills in the arena. Out in the Threshold, tournaments have erupted in uproar when competitors were revealed as Anathema. Solars, Lunars and Abyssal Exalted have left arenas in ruins… but they’ve also set audiences cheering with the most incredible displays of combat anyone has ever seen. Fear of the Anathema (and danger to spectators) struggles against people’s desire to witness a mind-staggering show.

CELEBRATED TOURNAMENTS : Any of the great cities in Creation might host a tournament now and then. A few, however, stand out from the rest. The Heaven-and-Earth Invitational is held every 25 years in Yu-Shan. The Unconquered Sun himself invites the 100 greatest martial artists in Creation to participate, whether mortal (rarely), Exalted or divine. The gods have never invited anyone from the Underworld or Malfeas. The Incarnae themselves don’t compete, and neither do the older Sidereals (though they watch the tournament closely). The prize is said to be a handshake from the Unconquered Sun, one move in the Games of Divinity and one day’s training with the Maiden of Battles—and, of course, eternal glory. Some unusual conditions must apply to the tournament, because a few un-Exalted mortals have won. The Empress sponsored the All-Creation Tournament of Dragons, held every fi ve years in the Imperial City. The Tournament of Dragons includes separate contests for armed and unarmed combatants. Although it’s an open contest, the dozens of Immaculate monks and Dynastic heroes in attendance—not to mention the Empress herself—made the tournament too risky for Anathema to attend. With the Empress gone, the next tournament might see some interesting new competitors who think they can hide their true natures. For its prize, the Tournament of Dragons offered a boon from the Empress: anything that was within her power to grant, within the limits of political prudence. Martial artists tell many stories of warriors who fought their way to victory in the Tournament of Dragons so they could ask the Empress to destroy a hated enemy, to change the rule of a nation or to force a lover’s parents to permit their honorable marriage. With the Empress gone, the last tournament’s winner received a talent of jade and a promissory note of a boon. In the Far South, the god Kokage, Master of Duels, sponsors yearly tournaments at the Flaming Arena. Despite its well-deserved name (and the oppressive heat of the surrounding desert), the arena remains constantly temperate, with abundant refreshments and victuals for spectators and combatants. Kokage’s tournaments offer prizes from Yu-Shan (minor by divine standards) and god-forged artifact weapons for the victor. The Mask of Winters has announced that he will soon host an open tournament in Thorns to celebrate the anniversary of his conquest. The prize to the victor is immortality. It remains to be seen who dares to attend.


Dawn Caste

As the light of dawn burns away the dark of night, the warriors of the Dawn Caste destroy the enemies of light. During the First Age, the members of the Dawn Caste were the generals and champions of the Realm. They carried the Unconquered Sun’s light to every darkened corner of Creation, guarded the borders of the Realm against the destructive forces of Malfeas and the Wyld and led the armies of the Realm to victory in battles that became legend. During the Usurpation, those few members of the Dawn Caste who survived the Dragon-Blooded’s initial ambush fought to the death, slaying dozens or hundreds of their enemies before they finally fell to the weight of superior numbers. Since their return, the Children of the Dawn are again gaining notice as the greatest warriors in all Creation. Unparalleled masters of every martial discipline, they fight the armies of the enemies of life as well as all who oppose the Solars’ return. A warrior of the Dawn Caste can swiftly destroy dozens of lesser foes, while a group can lay waste to entire armies. Only warriors are chosen to be members of the Dawn Caste. Yet master swordsmen comprise only one possibility. The Unconquered Sun also Exalts to the Dawn Caste brutal gang leaders, hulking gladiators, charismatic generals, swordsmiths of legendary skill, martial thaumaturges who provide combat support for armies and philosopher-monks who spend a lifetime perfecting a single martial art. The Bronze Tigers, as they are also known are most often the defenders of their circles as well as the ones who charges into battle to defeat their circles’ enemies.

Dawn Caste Specifics
Core Book p.91, Scroll of Errata p.19
Anima Banner: Dawn Caste Solars are marked by a brilliant golden sunburst in the center of their brow. Their animas tend to be bright white and pale gold, sometimes tinged with red or light violet.
Anima Effect: By spending five motes of Essence, the character may appear glorious and terrifying until the end of the scene (or until she decides to let the effect dissipate). She appears taller and fiercer, with a terrible visage, burning eyes and a deadly, rending grasp. This effect comes into play automatically once the Solar spends 11+ motes of Peripheral Essence. While this power is in effect, the character exudes a fear aura which causes all opponents attempting to attack or oppose her (socially or physically) to suffer a -1 external penalty on all attack rolls. This unnatural Emotion effect costs five points of Willpower to ignore for the rest of the scene. The Dawn’s terrifying glory unbound also disrupts attempts at coordinating attacks against her, increasing the difficulty to arrange such attacks by 2. Additionally, the immense Essence pressure within the character’s anima slows all incoming attacks, increasing the character’s DVs by 2. Finally, Solars of the Dawn Caste are immune to all fear-based Emotion effects while their anima power is active. If a complementary mass combat unit is forced to check for rout because of the Dawn Caste’s actions while this anima is active, they suffer a -2 external penalty to the roll. The above also applies to the Dusk and Slayer anima powers.
Cast Abilities: Members of the Dawn Caste excel in all forms of combat, armed and otherwise. They have a natural affinity for the Abilities of Archery, Martial Arts, Melee, Thrown and War.
Associations: The season of spring, the colors of saffron and lavender, the eastern direction, the element of fire, the full moon and the Maiden of Battles.
Sobriquets: Ascending Suns, Children of the Dawn, Lightbringers, Bronze Tigers, Swords of Heaven, The Forsaken (derogatory).
Concepts: Barbarian raider, city guardsman, combat sorcerer, daring young farm boy, famous pit fighter, grizzled veteran, heroic bandit, mercenary prince, swordsmith, warrior-scholar.

Motivation: Bannor smash!
Strength 5, Dexterity 5, Stamina 4; Charisma 2, Manipulation 3, Appearance 2; Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 4
Virtues: Compassion 3, Conviction 1, Temperance 1, Valor 4
Abilities: Athletics 5, Awareness 4, Dodge 4 (Projectiles +1), Linguistics 1, Martial Arts 5 (Improvised Weapons +3, Grapple +3), Resistance 4, Ride 1, Stealth 2, Thrown 5


Willpower: 8
Essence: 4
Essence Pool: 20/42
Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-4/Incap
Join Battle: 8

Other Notes or Constant Effects:

  • Bannor’s boots are “the most comfortable footwear” ever, always keep his feet dry and warm, allow him to march all day without getting fatigued, and he’ll never develop blisters from them. They also allow him to run faster and jump higher than normal. (See “Perfected Boots” below)
  • The artifact Breastplate he wears appears to made of normal steel (the Orichalcum spikes are retractable) and can be concealed beneath a cloak.
  • He can dash at almost 35 miles an hour… Usain Bolt only hit 27.78.
Movement - Move 8; Dash 17; Climb 8; Swim 8; Jump 12/24
Move 8Dash 17Climb 8Swim 8(V) Jump 12(H) Jump 24
  • Dexterity +5
  • Perfected Boots +3

Your basic movement is just your Dexterity yards per tick, minus any mobility penalty from your armor.

  • Dexterity +5
  • Dashing +6
  • Perfected Boots +6

Your Dash speed is your Dexterity +6 yards per tick, minus any mobility penalty from your armor. Dashing also decreases your DV’s by -2.

  • Dexterity +5
  • Perfected Boots +3

Your basic climb rate is your Dexterity yards per tick, minus any mobility penalty from your armor.

  • Dexterity +5
  • Perfected Boots +3

Your basic swim rate is your Dexterity yards per tick, minus any mobility penalty from your armor.

  • Strength +5
  • Athletics +5
  • Perfected Boots +2

The charm “Strength-Increasing Exercise” also increases your jump, so it could add another 4 yards to your jump for a scene.

Vertical jump is Strength + Athletics in yards, plus any bonus modifiers, minus mobility penalty from your armor.

  • Strength +5
  • Athletics +5
  • Perfected Boots +2

The charm “Strength-Increasing Exercise” also increases your jump, so it could add another 8 yards to your jump for a scene.

Horizontal jump is (Strength + Athletics) x 2 in yards, plus any bonus modifiers, minus mobility penalty from your armor.

Grapple - Attack 13, Damage 5L, Defense 13, Speed 6, Rate 1, (Piercing)
Accuracy 13Damage 5L (Piercing)Defense 13Speed 6Rate 2Extra
  • Dexterity +5
  • Martial Arts +5
  • Specialty: Grapple +3

“Dragon Coil Technique” – makes the damage Lethal, and adds the Solar’s Essence in dice to inflict, maintain and control a clinch (Ref 3m).

  • Strength +5L (Piercing)


  • Dexterity 5
  • Martial Arts 5
  • Specialty: Grapple +3
Nothing special here. 
 Normally the rate is only “1”, but the spikes being Orichalcum gives you the opportunity to attack twice if you want.

 Nothing extra 
Bloodspike Harness - Attack 15, Damage 14L/2, Defense 11, Speed 6, Rate 2, (Piercing)
Accuracy 15Damage 14LDefense 11Speed 6Rate 2Extra
  • Dexterity +5
  • Martial Arts +5
  • Weapon Accuracy +3
  • Orichalcum Base +2
  • Weapon +9L (Piercing)
  • Strength +5
  • Dexterity 5
  • Martial Arts 5
  • Weapon +0
  • Orichalcum +1
Nothing special here. 
 Normally the rate is only “1”, but the spikes being Orichalcum gives you the opportunity to attack twice if you want.

 Nothing extra 
Unarmed Attack - Attack 11, Damage 8L/B, Defense 12, Speed 5, Rate 3
Accuracy 11Damage 8Defense 12Speed 5Rate 3Extra
  • Dexterity +5
  • Martial Arts +5
  • Weapon Accuracy +1
  • Weapon +3
  • Strength +5
  • Dexterity +5
  • Martial Arts +5
  • Weapon +2
Nothing special here. 
You can actually attack up to three times with each hand (so six total) without the aid of charms, but there is a penalty for taking multiple actions in the same round, so your attacks would be:

  • 1st Attack Accuracy 9
  • 2nd Attack Accuracy 8
 Nothing extra 
Improvised Weapon MELEE - Attack 10 (*16), Damage *, Defense *, Speed 6, Rate 1
Accuracy 13 (*+3)Damage *Defense *Speed 5Rate 1Extra
  • Dexterity +5
  • Martial Arts +5
  • Specialty: Improvised Weapons +3
  • Penalty for using an Improvised Weapon -3

*The normal penalty for using an “improvised weapon” is -3, but for (3m) the charm “Hill-Hurling Might” negates that penalty and increases it to +3.

  • Weapon +
  • Strength +5
  • Dexterity +5
  • Martial Arts +5
  • Weapon +*
Nothing special here. 
Nothing special here. 
 Extra stuff. 
Improvised Weapon THROW - Attack 10 (*16), Damage *, Speed 6, Range *, Rate 1
Accuracy 10 (*16)Damage *Speed 5Rate 1Extra
  • Dexterity +5
  • Thrown +5
  • Specialty: Improvised Weapons +3
  • Penalty for using an Improvised Weapon -3

*The normal penalty for using an “improvised weapon” is -3, but for (3m) the charm “Hill-Hurling Might” negates that penalty and increases it to +3.

  • Str+Ath needed to lift it, plus the attack’s successes
Nothing special here. 
 Nothing special here.
 Nothing special here.
Defense - Soak 22L/20B; Hardness 6L/6B; DodgeDV 7; ParryDV 6; DMDV 6; PMDV 1; Knockback 8/10; Stunning 4/8
Soak 22L/20BHardness 6L/6BDodge DV 7Parry DV 6DMDV 6PMDV 1Knockdown 8/10Stunning 4/8
  • Natural Soak :  16L/16B
    • Stamina Soak : 4L/4B
    • Invincible Essence Reinforcement : 12L/12B
  • Armor Soak :  6L/4B
  • Piercing Soak :  19L/18B

Natural Soak is half of your Stamina rounded down for Lethal damage, and your Stamina for Bashing damage.
Piercing Soak is your Natural Soak, plus half of your Armored Soak rounded down.

  • Armor Hardness :  2L/2B
  • Invincible Essence Reinforcement : 4L/4B

Your DDV is calculated as (Dexterity + Dodge + Artifact Bonuses + Permanent Essence) divided by 2, rounded down.

  • Dexterity +5
  • Dodge +5
  • Essence +4

Your DDV is calculated as (Dexterity + Dodge + Artifact Bonuses + Permanent Essence) divided by 2, rounded down.

  • Dexterity +5
  • Martial Arts +5
  • Bare-hands +2

Your PDV is calculated as (Dexterity + Martial Arts/Melee + Artifact Defense + Artifact Bonuses) divided by 2, rounded down.

  • Willpower +8
  • Essence +4

Dodge Mental Defense Value = (Willpower + Integrity + Essence) divided by  2

  • Manipulation +3

Parry Mental Defense Value = (Charisma/Manipulation + Investigation/Performance/Presence) divided by 2

  • Threshhold 8
    • Stamina +4
    • Resistance +4
  • Pool 10
    • Dexterity +5
    • Athletics +5

If hit, Bannor is hurled backwards one yard per 3d raw (pre-soak) damage. If the attack’s raw damage is greater than Bannor’s (Stamina + Resistance), the force of impact hurls him to the ground unless he makes a successful reflexive ([Dexterity or Stamina] + [Athletics or Resistance]) roll, difficulty 2. Rising from prone requires an action (see p. 144).

  • Threshhold 4
    • Stamina +4
  • Pool 8
    • Stamina +4
    • Resistance +4
  • Target Number: [Damage Suffered – Bannor’s Stamina]

If Bannor suffers a greater number of actual health levels of damage than his Stamina rating, he may be shaken and disoriented from the trauma. Reflexively roll (Stamina + Resistance) at a difficulty of (damage – Stamina). Failure leaves Bannor at -2 dice to all non-reflexive rolls until the tick when his attacker next acts.

He’s a martial arts practitioner of “Solar Hero Style”

Core Book p. 242, Scroll of the Monk p.83
The combat forms known as the “supernatural martial arts” require intense study, discipline and training. They do not flow naturally out of the paramount spirit of the Solar Exalted, any more than ordinary martial arts come naturally to mortals flailing in bar brawls. To learn supernatural martial arts, one must understand the Essence flows of the world and harmonize oneself with them. These Charms are not specific to any Exalt type. The Solar Exalted have incredible strength of spirit and anima, but they must still learn the proper forms, katas and spiritual insights of the martial arts through dedicated experimentation or diligent study. For the other Celestial Exalted, it is no different—and any Celestial Exalt or Immaculate Dragon-Blooded can learn these Charms. Some supernatural martial arts, called the “Terrestrial” Martial Arts, are even available to mortals and ordinary Dragon-Blooded. Supernatural martial arts styles are complete. It is possible to create new styles but not to augment existing styles with new Charms.

The Charm tree beginning with Fists of Iron Technique comprises the “natural” Solar style of unarmed fighting. The form weapons for this style are the cestus, fighting gauntlet, khatar, tiger claws, pankrator’s cestus and improvised weapons. Solar Hero Style Charms treat attacks and blocks with these weapons as unarmed attacks and blocks. This includes the artifact versions of these weapons. A weapon is an “improvised” weapon if it has a maximum Accuracy of -3 and a maximum Rate of 2, such as a barstool, keg of brandy, omen hound or unattuned daiklave. For the other Exalted, this Charm tree is a Celestial Martial Arts style that emulates and imitates the power of the heroes of the dawn. Celestial Exalted and Immaculate-trained DragonBlooded can learn these Charms, but they cannot develop or learn additional Charms for this tree. For the Solar Exalted, these Charms are ordinary combat Charms—they bring the grace, speed and power of the Sun’s Chosen to bear. Solars can invent new Charms for this tree—such as Thunderclap Rush Attack and Knockout Blow, on page 190. These new Charms are treated as Solar Charms, not supernatural martial arts: Only Solar Exalted (and Moonshadow Caste Abyssal Exalted) are capable of learning them.


Increasing Strength Exercise - +1 Str/3motes for a scene (Sim 3-12motes)

Cost: 3m per point; Mins: Athletics 3, Essence 2; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious, Stackable Duration: One scene Prerequisite Charms: None
Source: Core Book p.225

This Charm suffuses the character with Solar Essence, temporarily increasing his Strength. It adds one dot to the character’s Strength for each three motes spent. No combination of Charms that includes Increasing Strength Exercise can increase the character’s Strength by more than his Essence, and this bonus is treated as a dice bonus from Charms.

Hill-Hurling Might - increase ability and accuracy to lift/throw something (Sup 3m)
Cost: 3m; Mins: Athletics 5, Essence 4; Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK, Mirror (Hill-Hurling Might; follows) Duration: Instant Prerequisite Charms: Increasing Strength Exercise
Source: Abyssals p.165

This Charm greatly enhances a Solar’s ability to hurl large objects to destructive effect (Exalted, p. 127):

  • Add +5 to the character’s (Strength + Athletics) total for the purposes of determining what he can throw as a weapon
  • Multiply the attack’s base Range by 10
  • Increase the attack’s Accuracy to +3 instead of -3

If such an attack hits a character who is no larger than the size of the projectile, the target automatically falls prone beneath the object. She must lift the object off her with a feat of strength as a miscellaneous action or use some other means to free herself before she can rise from prone or move from the spot to which she was pinned. (As a dubious compensation, she receives full cover until she escapes.) Despite being an Athletics Charm because of its feat-of-strength focus, Hill-Hurling Might may supplement only Thrown attacks using appropriate improvised projectiles.

Martial Arts – Solar Hero Style

Sledgehammer Fist Punch - double damage against inanimate objects (Sup 1m)

Cost: 1m; Mins: Martial Arts 3, Essence 2; Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK, Enhanced, Martial-ready, Obvious
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Fists of Iron Technique
Source: Core Rule Book p.242, Scroll of Errata p.21

This Charm is also called the “Pillar-Breaking Blow.” The Lawgiver’s anima flares, and he strikes like the judgment of Heaven. This Charm supplements an unarmed Martial Arts attack against an inanimate object, doubling the raw (pre-soak) damage of the attack.

Enhancement: When used by a Solar, this Charm costs one mote and also ignores the object’s soak.

Dragon Coil Technique - increase a clinch (Ref 3m)
Cost: 3m; Mins: Martial Arts 3, Essence 2; Type: Reflexive (Step 1)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Enhanced;  Duration: Until next action;  Prerequisite Charms: Fists of Iron Technique
Source: Core Rule Book p.242, Scroll of Errata p.21

The clinch of the Lawgivers does not fail. The Solar’s grip is inexorable, and she may, if she chooses, squeeze the life from the strongest opponent. This Charm makes clinch crush damage lethal. This Charm also adds the Solar’s Essence in dice to the dice pools to inflict, maintain and control a clinch. It also adds the character’s Essence to the damage of clinch crush attacks.

This Charm cannot be placed in a Combo with extra-action Charms.

Enhancement: The dice added by this Charm do not count toward the Solar’s dice caps.

Solar Hero Form - increase damage and soak (Sim 6m)
Cost: 6m; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 2; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-Basic, Enhanced, Form-type, Obvious;  Duration: One scene;  Prerequisite Charms: Sledgehammer Fist Punch, Dragon Coil Technique
Source: Core Rule Book p.242, Scroll of Errata p.21

The Solar suffuses his body with the Essence of the Sun. He becomes a paragon of strength and skill, radiant with the power of a legendary hero returned. There is nothing formal to this fighting style, but there is an unstoppable and unchallengeable grace to it. This is an honest battle art, for champions, gladiators and heroes. It was forged in the dawning of the world so that the Lawgivers could face the greatest monsters with nothing save their hands and skill and be undaunted by them.

This Charm allows the Exalt to count the successes of unarmed Martial Arts attacks twice for the purposes of determining damage. She must spend one mote reflexively in Step 7 of attack resolution each time she takes advantage of this effect. This Charm also allows the character to make an unarmed Martial Arts block against ranged and lethal attacks without a stunt.

Enhancement: While this Charm is active, the Solar adds his Martial Arts rating to his natural bashing and lethal soak.

Heaven Thunder Hammer - target thrown 3yrds/point pre-soak damage (Sup 2m)
Cost: 2m; Mins: Martial Arts 3, Essence 2; Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK, Enhanced;  Duration: Instant;  Prerequisite Charms: Solar Hero Form
Source: Core Rule Book p.242, Scroll of Errata p.21

The fury of the Lawgivers scatters their enemies like leaves before the storm. This Charm supplements an unarmed Martial Arts attack. It ensures that the Solar’s attack throws his enemy backward one yard for each point of pre-soak damage. Targets that strike hard objects take one die of damage for each yard they would otherwise have traveled. This damage is typically bashing but it can be lethal if the target strikes a sufficiently dangerous object.

Enhancement: The target is thrown three yards for each point of pre-soak damage. At Essence 4+ the Solar may add one mote to Heaven Thunder Hammer’s activation cost in order to send the victim flashing an additional (Essence x 5) yards toward an object he can perceive. This movement occurs before the normal movement caused by Heaven Thunder Hammer begins. This additional knockback distance does not add to the damage the victim takes for yards they would have otherwise traveled, but helps to ensure that the victim strikes a solid object at the absolute beginning of his flight, even if that object is far from the point of attack. This effect expressly allows a Lawgiver to bash a rooted target into scenery within (Essence x 5) yards without actually moving the target. The target does not appear to move; rather nearby walls and trees develop giant craters as if the victim were being driven into them, while the Solar’s blows are seen to unleash devastating shockwaves that annihilate the scenery. Treat all such blows as incurring the full damage of a Heaven Thunder Hammer collision at point-blank range. Using this effect turns Heaven Thunder Hammer Obvious. Finally, the cost drops to two motes.

Crashing Wave Throw - throws target 35yds vert/70yds horz (Ref 2m)
Cost: 2m; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 3; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Combo-OK, Enhanced, Mirror;  Duration: Instant;  Prerequisite Charms: Heaven Thunder Hammer
Source: Core Rule Book p.243, Scroll of Errata p.22

The effective application of strength casts aside small nuisances. The Solar can use this Charm when he ends a clinch by throwing his opponent. This Charm increases the distance he can throw his opponent to (Martial Arts x 7) yards upward or (Martial Arts x 14) horizontal yards. Characters thrown over cliffs or high into the air take falling damage normally. Targets that strike hard objects take damage as with Heaven Thunder Hammer.

One With The Wave - counterattack clinch that throws target up to 25yds (Ref 5m)
Cost: 5m; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 3;  Type: Reflexive (Step 9)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Counterattack;  Duration: Instant;  Prerequisite Charms: Crashing Wave Throw
Source: Ink Money p.13

In a moment of pristine stillness, the Solar’s inner eye opens. Caught between calm and storm, she becomes the channel through which all forces flow, and that which would tear her asunder is cast aside. When the character is struck by a closerange attack, she may activate this Charm to make an unarmed Martial Arts counterattack against her opponent—specifically, a clinch attempt. If successful, the Lawgiver melds the course of her opponent’s attack into a throw to the ground or a solid surface within up to (Martial Arts x 5) yards, inflicting the presoak damage of the attack which triggered this Charm upon the unlucky opponent.

Alternately, the Lawgiver may choose to hurl her victim at another foe within range of the throw. This is modeled as a second (Dexterity + Martial Arts) attack with a base damage equal to the raw damage of the attack which triggered One With the Wave.

At Essence 4+, the Solar may use One With the Wave to respond to successful ranged attacks using physical projectiles. In this case she appears to be scathed by the missile, curling along the angle of the shot to pluck it from the air and whip it back at her opponent. This (Dexterity + Martial Arts) counterattack has a range of the Solar’s line of sight and a base damage equal to the attack’s raw damage against her. At Essence 5+, the Solar may use One With the Wave to answer energy-based attacks, channeling them directly through her body and back at her enemies.

Ox-Stunning Blow - stunning damage that ignores all soak (Sim 1-10m)
Cost: 1m per die; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 2; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK, Crippling, Enhanced;  Duration: Instant;  Prerequisite Charms: Solar Hero Form
Source: Core Rule Book p.243, Scroll of Errata p.22

The Essence-driven fists of the Solar Exalted can stun even legends, giants, armored cataphractoi and monsters. The Lawgiver spends up to twice his Strength in motes and makes an unarmed Martial Arts attack. If he hits, this Charm replaces his normal damage with stunning damage. He inflicts one die of stunning damage for every mote spent on this Charm. Extra successes add to his damage as usual. Stunning damage ignores natural and armor soak, but it can be soaked with Charms. Each success on the damage roll imposes a -1 penalty to the target’s dice pools and DV for the next three actions. This is a Crippling effect (see p. 152).

Enhancement: Solars may spend as much Essence as they like when activating this Charm.

Hammer On Iron Technique - create 7 extra-actions/attacks (Ext 3m/1wp)
Cost: 3m, 1wp; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 2; Type: Extra Action
Keywords: Combo-OK, Enhanced;  Duration: Instant;  Prerequisite Charms: Solar Hero Form
Source: Core Rule Book p.243

The Lawgivers’ arts of battle bring an unrelenting punishment to their enemies. This Charm is a magical flurry of many unarmed Martial Arts-based attacks. This Charm lets the Solar make these attacks regardless of her weapon’s Rate, without multiple action penalties and with a DV penalty equal to the highest penalty for any one attack.

Enhancement: This Charm creates (Essence + 3) attacks, which may be directed at multiple targets if the Solar desires.

Shockwave Technique - throws clinched target at another target, is unblockable (Sup 3m)
Cost: 3m; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 3; Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK, Counterattack, Enhanced, Knockback, Obvious;  Duration: Instant;  Prerequisite Charms: Crashing Wave Throw, Ox-Stunning Blow, Hammer on Iron Technique
Source: Core Rule Book p.244

The Solar burns with Essence. Her strength and agility rise to inhuman levels. This Charm supplements a single attack. It makes the target’s Parry DV inapplicable. If the Solar hits, this Charm allows her to make one further unarmed Martial Arts attack by hurling the first opponent into another. This attack has a range of (Martial Arts x 5) yards. It is also unblockable. The first opponent is treated as a weapon with +2 Accuracy and +6B damage. If the attack misses or the Solar targets empty space, the first opponent travels the full (Martial Arts x 5) yards, with effects as noted in Heaven Thunder Hammer.

Hurling one opponent into another operates with the same timing as a counterattack. This Charm cannot enhance a counterattack, and it prevents the target from responding with Charms with the Counterattack keyword such as Solar Counterattack or Leaping Dodge Method. The second attack is resolved in Step 9 of the original attack and imposes a cumulative counterattack-based penalty of -1 on the Solar’s DV.

Enhancement: The Solar’s opponent, when used as a weapon, has +2 accuracy and +6B damage. The attack made with this opponent may be applied to all characters within that unfortunate’s flight path.


Ox-Body Technique (x2) - increase your number of permanent health levels (Permanent)
Cost: —; Mins: Resistance 1, Essence 1; Type: Permanent

Keywords: Stackable
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: None
Source: Core Book p.208

The Exalted are like the mountains: not easily worn down by such mortal things as men. This Charm gives the Lawgiver additional health levels. A player may purchase this Charm up to once per dot of the Resistance Ability her character possesses. Each purchase provides one of the following, at the player’s option, determined at the time of purchase:

• One -0 health level
• Two -1 health levels
• One -1 health level and two -2 health levels

Invincible Essence Reinforcement (x4) - increase your natural bashing and lethal soak (Permanent)
Cost: —;  Mins: Resistance 3, Essence 2;  Type: Permanent
Keywords: Stackable  Duration: Permanent  Prerequisite Charms: None
Source: Ink Monkey p.21

Undertaking a grueling regimen of endurance training, the Solar folds Essence into his body until his skin becomes hard enough to turn aside blades. The Lawgiver’s natural lethal and bashing soak calculations become (Stamina + 3). This Charm may be purchased up to a total of (Resistance) times; each purchase after the first adds 3 to the character’s natural lethal and bashing soak.

With Essence 4+, the Solar also gains natural lethal and bashing hardness equal to the number of times he has purchased this Charm.

Artifacts & Gear
Bloodspike Breastplate (Artifact •••)
Core Book p.387
The bloodspike harness appears much like a mundane razor harness except that the spikes and razors covering it are composed of fragments of alloyed magical material. The wounds caused are suitably nastier, and the jagged harness is imposing to say the least. Bloodspike harnesses do not have a hearthstone setting.

  • Speed 6
  • Accuracy +3 (+2)
  • Damage +9L/2
  • Defense — (+1)
  • Rate 1 (+1)
  • Tags: C, O, P

Orichalcum adds the additional +2 Accuracy, +1 Defense, +1 Rate.
The spikes are retractable as a Reflexive action, and made from Orichalcum.

  • Soak 6L/4B
  • Hardness 2L/2B
  • Mobility -0
  • Fatigue 0
  • Attune 4
Jewel of the Rabbit's Sword (Lunar Hearthstone ••)
Book of Sorcery vol.3, Oadenol’s Codex p.103
This yellow-green stone periodically changes its shape and the number of its facets. Its owner’s player can reroll all 1’s in a single roll by spending one point of Willpower. This power can only be used once for any single roll.
Perfected Boots (Artifact •)
Book of Sorcery vol.1, Wonders of the Lost Age p.52
This artifact has been made since the early days of the First Age, but most modern examples were manufactured in Lookshy. Almost half of the Dragon-Blooded ground troops fi elded by this martial state wear a version of this artifact. Once the wearer commits one mote of Essence to this item, these boots become the most comfortable footwear she has ever worn. This artifact keeps the wearer’s feet cool and dry in all conditions, and she will never develop blisters while wearing them. In addition to comfort, these boots also allow the wearer to both run and march considerably faster than normal. In combat, the wearer adds three yards per tick to all move actions and six yards per tick to dash actions. When walking long distances, the wearer can march at a speed of 10 miles per hour and can cover up to 100 miles in a day, allowing the wearer to overtake carriages and to easily keep up with all but the fastest mounted characters. In addition, the wearer adds two to her Strength when calculating jumping distances. This bonus adds directly to the wearer’s Strength if the jumping distance is multiplied because of Charms, additional artifacts or anima powers. One of the primary advantages these boots provide for Lookshy is that heavy infantry who wear these boots can easily keep up with cavalry troops, allowing Lookshy forces to be exceedingly swift and mobile.


Rules for Feats of Strength
Core Book p.126
Strength + Athletics + Specialty + Charms/Sorcery/Gear, and compare to the chart.

  • Lifting or breaking objects is a diceless action.
  • Breaking something takes 1 minutes outside of combat, or use the chart Core Book p.135-154
  • You can lift, pull or push objects as a miscellaneous action in combat (see pp. 143-145)
  • THROWING something requires feat FIVE dots higher than you can lift.
    • Attack : (Dex + Thrown), Speed 5
    • Range : (Str + Ath) yards horizontally
    • Accuracy : -3 penalty
    • Damage : Bashing/Piercing, Str+Ath needed to lift it, plus the attack’s successes
  • Channeling a Virtue adds the virtue level directly to the Feat of Strength total
  • Spending a Willpower point allows the player to roll Willpower and add successes to the total
  • Cooperation = Every assistant adds one point to the total (max bonus = leader’s Athletics rating)
Chart for Feats of Strength
As adapted from the chart on Core Book p.127
Damaging Inanimate Targets
Core Book p.153
Characters may choose to assault an inanimate object rather than other characters or creatures. Doing so uses slightly different rules. Most inanimate objects aren’t noted for dodging or parry- ing, so unless some extraordinary exception exists, assume that they have no DV with which to defend themselves. Moreover, if an attack on an animate target actually hits, it does not have a minimum damage. This means that all objects effectively have a Hardness rating equal to their soak. However, the corollary to this added protection is that damage against objects is not rolled. Instead, every die that penetrates soak generates one success and inflicts one level of damage. Objects do have health levels, but they do not suffer any form of wound penalty (obviously). Instead, objects have two health values separated by a slash: Damaged/De- stroyed. Damaged indicated the number of health levels necessary to functionally impair the object. For a statue, this might mean that limbs are severed rather than the stone being scratched on the surface. For a door or wall, a state of damaged means that a small hole exists—wide enough to attack through (though targets on the other side benefit from 75% cover). Breaking a door down completely or opening a section of wall wide enough for characters to pass requires the object to be destroyed.

Note that some powerful magical objects might deviate from these rules in a variety of ways. An enchanted stone wall of Shogunate Era design might require that damage be rolled against it rather than applying the value that beats its soak, while a First Age counterpart might require rolled damage and be completely immune to attacks that are not made using magical weapons or enhanced with Charms. Also note that it is possible to break objects outside of combat through sheer strength, but doing so takes time and is outside the scope of combat rules.

Sample Object Soak (L/B) Health Levels (Damaged/Destroyed)
House Door 1/3 3/10
Oak Door 3/5 10/20
Fortress Gate 8/10 20/40
Wood Wall 3/5 8/12
Brick Wall 6/10 24/40
Stone Wall 12/18 40/80
Wood Statue 2/4 3/16
Stone Statue 4/8 4/28
Iron Statue 6/12 6/50