Peregrine’s Decanter of Life

Peregrine’s Decanter of Life (Artifact •••)

Repair: 2
Books of Sorcery, Vol. 1: Wonders of the Lost Age p.66

Andric “The Ivory Peregrine” was a famous scientist, healer, and Twilight Caste Solar in the First Age, renowned for his ability to heal any and every ailment in Creation. Following the overthrow of the Primordials, he was oft sought after for hard-to-diagnose maladies, occasionally with the aid of Sidereal astrologers and healers. Wanting to push the limits of his research should the Primordial forces ever resurge, he started dabbling in new and dangerous healing practices. The strain became too much for him, and he began to slowly go insane in the later years of his life, often speaking of visions of “the Dreamless Dead.” His peers were unsure of what had caused the madness, so given their ignorance of latent results of their burial practices, Andric’s gloves, armor and all of his marvelous equipment were buried with him and sealed tightly away in his burial vault.

Several hundred years later (and just recently), word reached influential ears that the artifacts themselves had finally leached through into the Underworld, and the graven goods of the once-powerful scientist were doppelled and ripe for the picking. It didn’t take long for Andric’s burial place to be found and looted, though hundreds of unlifes were lost in the process of overcoming the many traps and obstacles guarding his resting place. Today, the tainted versions of his many artifact wonders can be found scattered about the Underworld in the possession of some of the most politically powerful ghouls, and changing hands almost as often as they are used.

A First Age joint effort by the Sidereals and a few Solar artisans, “Andric’s Decanter of Life” is a set of black gloves that are laced throughout with threads of orichalcum, green jade, and hidden threads of soul steel, all culminating in a circular pattern in the palms. When activated, the threads extend into the wearer’s palms, allowing the player to channel his own Essence through them and into another person with just a touch.

The user can use these gloves to affect a patient’s Essence flows in a profound manner, allowing him to heal a patient’s wounds with exceptional speed. Characters can also use these items to heal themselves. By spending one mote per health level he wishes to heal, or sacrificing just one unsoakable level of his own lethal health points, the user can automatically heal a patient’s bashing and lethal damage. This damage heals completely by the medic’s next action.

If the wielder places one hand on the person to be healed and one hand on another individual, it is possible for the gloves to drain the essence out of one patient and use it to heal the other. If the source of the motes is an unwilling and consciously-aware target, the target and the healer must make opposed Willpower rolls, with the healer gaining a number of automatic successes equal to his permanent Essence. If the source of the health is not Exalted, this effect instead drains a like number of lethal or bashing health points. For either method to work, the healer must simultaneously have one hand on each target.

If the user spends a point of Willpower, plus two motes per health level that he wishes to heal, he can even cause aggravated damage to heal, though this damage heals at a rate of 10 ticks per health level. Healing aggravated damage is quite difficult. The user’s player must make a successful (Perception + Medicine) roll, difficulty of 3 (5 if attempting self-healing). Fortunately, while they are being used, the artifacts eliminate all pain and cause the patient to feel calm and relaxed.

The Decanter can heal any wound or injury, including damage caused by poison, as well as repair crippled or missing limbs. If used to heal damage caused by poison, this artifact also causes the poison to instantly cease damaging the patient, preventing further poison damage from occurring during the time this artifact is being used upon the patient. In addition, it completely purges a poison from the patient’s body once it has healed all damage the poison has already inflicted. If used before a poison has caused damage, the gloves need be used for only the time necessary to heal one health level of that type of damage. Like other healing artifacts, this device will work on any living being who had at least one parent born in Creation.

Despite the time required for healing, this artifact can even heal patients who are dying when the user begins to treat them—the artifact’s energies keep a patient alive until he can be fully healed. This healing ceases the second both gloves break contact with the patient, however.

This device does have one interesting drawback. Because this version of the gloves is the copy that made the unfortunate transition from Creation to the Underworld with their ghostly creator, it retains its ability to heal people, but the healing now carries with it a subtle distortion from traversing the boundaries of Creation. Each time it is used to heal someone, there is a slim chance it will also inflict a temporary mutation or affliction upon the recipient of the healing. The recipient of the healing must roll a d10, and on a botch receives a randomly selected minor mutation. If the recipient does receive a mutation, the effects last until the sun next crosses the horizon, at which point he must make a second roll. If this too is a botch, the mutation lasts for one year. These rolls cannot be aided by charms or any other influence, outside of Sidereal fate-altering charms.

Damage to Heal Cost to Healer Time Required
1 level of Bashing/Lethal Damage 1 Mote of Essence 1 tick total
All levels of Bashing/Lethal Damage 1 level of lethal health damage until healer’s next action
1 level of Aggravated Damage 1 Willpower + a Mote of Essence 5 ticks per hl
“Conduit” health can only absorb motes Opp. Wp rolls, healer +Ess successes
Regrow a limb 1 Willpower + 10 Motes Takes 24 hours, motes committed