Tanith, Arbiter of Endless Horizons

Tanith, Arbiter of Endless Horizons


An Eclipse Caste from the northern stretches of the White Sea, Arbiter has traversed most of Creation seeking to bring peace and harmony between the terrestrial and elemental spirit courts. He uses his travels as a cover to aid Gold-Faction Sidereals in finding and protecting newly-exalted Solars.

Tanith Val’di grew up in the North, along the White Sea. His mother was a dignitary of moderate rank who traveled all around the Northern and Eastern realms on missions of peace and passivity. His father was her protector, himself an air elemental from the Northern Mountains. Their union was not unusual, and was often a positive platform through which to begin negotiations between rivaling factions. While her negotiations occasionally took place between the nobles and the peasantry, they were most often between the elemental or spirit forces and the people trying to occupy and cultivate their land. She had a gift for it, and became quite wealthy and respected, known as the Arbiter of the Outlands. Tanith’s father, little as he knew him, was the Arbiter’s chief security officer and bodyguard, known for the powerful weapons he carried, a pair of essence-infused gloves known as “Thunderous Biting Wind”. They had the ability to not only harm flesh and blood, but also any dematerialized spirits who might get out of line during negotiations. He also wore a gifted suit of armor that allowed him to change his appearance at will to that of anyone. His favorite use of this was donning a different guise for each new arbitration meeting, often for the other side, so the opposition never knew which guard in the room was the Arbiter’s. Tanith’s father also had quite the respected reputation, but one as a fearfully ruthless martial-artist. This reputation was spread in no small part by himself, for in practice he used his skills to intimidate infinitely more often than to inflict any kind of mortal wound.

The Val’di family had many happy and adventuresome travels together, but always returned to their village for a season or two at home before setting out again. All throughout his childhood and early years, once he had reached an age where it was deemed safe, Tanith traveled with his parents, learning the art of diplomacy and the intricacies of both the Terrestrial and the Elemental/Spirit Courts. People would pay great sums of money for his parent’s expertise, but they were always quick to teach Tanith that sometimes – quite often – even those who couldn’t afford their services were deserving of them. Being the god-blooded son of a mortal and an elemental of the air, Tanith showed signs early on of an elemental affinity, as was readily present in the pale blue of his eyes and white-grey hair he had even from an early age. During one of the trips, things didn’t go as smoothly as normal. There was a peasants’ uprising along the southern bend of the River of Tears, and the Val’di family was asked to quell it. After arriving at the small village, they went outside the city’s walls to the temple to commune with the various governing gods and spirits of the town, hoping to hear about things from a more objective perspective. Rumor had it that the temple had once been an open-air manse in the First Age, and Tanith was particularly looking forward to seeing it. Once there, they were set upon by some of the peasants who had grown tired of the way the city was being run and didn’t think negotiating was a good option. So they waited in ambush for the Arbiter, and set upon her in a flurry. Tanith and his father rushed to her defense, and while Tanith was able to ward off a few, his father – affected by the elemental talismans the aggressors wore – fell in combat to an arrow one of the assailants had tricked a spirit into blessing. Tanith and his mother looked on in horror as their protector fell to the ground beside them, blood beginning to pool under him on the frozen, stone ground.

The other guards already fallen, the assailants took a moment to cheer for their ensuing victory. With his last few moments, Tanith’s father handed him the gloves, making him swear on his life to protect his mother and those in need, and to continue his training. Tanith quickly but somberly donned his father’s weapons of peace and stood to protect his mother. As the circle of brigands tightened around them, Tanith held out his hands and shouted for them to stay back, that peace could still be had by all, and if they were unwilling to agree to his terms, death would find them just as swiftly. a tanith AoA_PattenAmidst the ensuing laughter and the biting winter wind, the group’s leader stepped forward to finish the job. As the criminal swung what was meant to be the final blow, Tanith found himself blocking the attack, living essence cascading around his hands. The look of astonishment on his face mirrored by those watching, and theirs quickly turned to fear at the sight of the blazing golden mark that appeared in the middle of his forehead, the symbol that he had been gifted, chosen by the greatest of the gods. Tanith felt a sudden surge of energy, of life, of commitment, conviction to a higher cause, a calling, a whisper carried on the wind that if he followed through on his convictions, things would work out. The assailant flew at him in a rage, but was driven back time and again, more and more easily with every failed attempt as Tanith started to get a feel for his father’s final gifts, a growing sense that they was meant for him and he for they. And that somehow, this wasn’t the first time he’d wielded them. Foe after unfortunate foe came after he and his mother, and he swiftly and expertly drove them all back. His mother asked that he show mercy to them, so he did, either by disarming them or injuring them in a way that removed them from combat without being life-threatening.

As the last one fell, Tanith walked over to the leader, now curled up on the ground and tending to his many wounds. The young protector extended one of his gloved-hands still cascading with the living essence of the Unconquered Sun, and with a voice that carried with it the weight of the Sun and the thunderous winds of the northern plains, asked the man if he was ready to reconsider the terms of his surrender. a tanith jace_doing_magical_stuff_by_igorkieryluk-d3007gyTanith and his mother buried his father there at the temple, laying claim to the hallowed ground. Tanith used his new and extraordinary gifts to summon and bind the services of an air-aspected elemental to guard over his father. For years, Tanith returned to the site annually to release the guard and request the aid of a new one. In recent years, it has become unnecessary however, as the elementals of the region are appreciative enough of the aid Tanith and his family have given them that they readily watch over his father’s (and now mother’s) burial site as a way to show their thanks. Years later while walking back to town after burying his mother, Tanith was stopped by an imposing but very interesting diplomat, the likes of which he had yet to come across. The stranger requested to walk with him, and Tanith agreed, mostly out of curiosity. The traveler then went on to tell the strange tale of an Age long forgotten, of heroes powerful and corrupt, and of their overthrow, imprisonment, and now resurgence. She went on to explain how she was of a faction that wanted to help restore them to their former glory, and asked Tanith if he would occasionally be willing to be an instrument of that effort. Tanith agreed to think about it.

Once back in the village, Tanith sought audience with the local Sage as well an elder Air Elemental with whom he had formed a bond over the years. They were both strong advocates for the return of the Solar Deliberative and what the idea promised for helping to restore peace to the Elemental Courts throughout Creation. Both even recalled conversations with Tanith’s parents where his parents had confessed to feeling the same way. The Sideareal returned that very night and sent Tanith off on his first quest. Tanith adopted and expanded on his mother’s title of “Arbiter of the Outlands” and took the more Exalted title of “Arbiter of Endless Horizons”, because no distance is too great when seeking to help those in need. Over the years, Tanith has used his affinity for the Elemental forces to aid in the recovery and rescue of many newly-exalted Solars, as well as helped various regions of the outskirts of Creation to find peace and prosperity by working with the elemental and spirit courts instead of against them. He has no desire or intention to sit on any kind of ruling council, but who knows what the future might hold.


Eclipse Caste

When the sun and the moon are in perfect alignment, the result is a spectacular solar eclipse. Visible all across Creation, it is an exceptionally auspicious event. The Unconquered Sun and Luna become one, and the day dims sufficiently to reveal the Five Maidens. At this moment, the unity of Heaven is visible for all to see. Similarly, the Eclipse Caste brings unity and order, and its members touch all corners of society, crossing boundaries and bringing people together. During the time of the Solar Deliberative, the Crowned Suns held the Realm together with their diplomacy. They helped to forge consensus between the many Exalts and negotiated treaties between the Realm and barbarian tribes, the spirit courts and even the Fair Folk. As administrators and censors, they kept the gears of the empire running smoothly. When the Dragon-Blooded instigated their coup, the Eclipse Caste who survived the initial assault attempted to resolve the crisis with diplomacy. Their efforts were met with lies, treachery and murder—the Dragon-Blooded were not interested in diplomacy. The Crowned Suns fled to their allies and called on the spirit courts, the elementals and the princes of the beasts for aid. Yet, these allies were not enough, and one by one, the Quicksilver Falcons fell before the armies of the Dragon-Blooded. When the Solars returned, the world witnessed the first solar eclipse since the Terrestrial Exalted took power. Now, the members of the Eclipse Caste have begun the difficult process of reunifying the world. Negotiating with mortal sovereigns, gods, the Fair Folk and the dead, they attempt to bring order to the chaos gripping Creation. Members of the Eclipse Caste are chosen from those who excel at social interaction. They work quietly and move with effortless grace, influencing the opinions of others. They are the shamans who make pacts between men and spirits, the messengers between the lands of the living and the dead and the censors who keep governments functioning honestly. The Crowned Suns excel at communication and organization. Members of the Eclipse Caste are frequently the voices of their circles. As natural communicators, they turn strangers into allies, and their organizational skills keep their groups running smoothly.

Eclipse Caste Specifics
Core Book p.99, Scroll of Errata p.20
Eclipse Caste Solars are not able to “cherry pick” from other Charm trees. All a Charm’s prerequisites must be purchased before the desired Charm may be purchased. Solar Mirror Charms may be substituted for their counterparts when learning Abyssal Charms. (See Manual of Exalted Power—Abyssals, pp. 120-121 for more on Mirror Charms.) When an Eclipse Caste Solar learns a foreign Permanent Charm, they are not required to permanently commit the 2m surcharge for using a foreign Charm. Should the Eclipse anima power be used to learn a foreign Charm with a Flaw of Invulnerability, the Eclipse must also apply a Solar Flaw of Invulnerability to the Charm when she activates it. The above also applies to other beings using Eclipse-equivalent powers to activate foreign Charms with a Flaw of Invulnerability, substituting Solar Flaws for native Flaws. Infernals must always add the Imperfection of the Shadow of All Things to non-native perfect defenses.
Anima Banner: Eclipse Caste Solars have a golden disc within a circle for their caste mark. Their animas are brilliant whites and golds, almost sparkling, but filmy and fluctuating, like the corona of the sun during an eclipse.
Anima Effects: When an Eclipse Caste Solar is party or witness to an oath, he may use his anima to sanctify it. The character must shake hands to seal the agreement or touch the hands of those who are party to it. In response, his anima burns brightly, swirling with the words and runes by which Heaven gave him the right to arbitrate such matters. Those who break such an oath (including the Exalt himself) suffer a terrible curse. The Exalt spends 10 motes of Essence and a point of Willpower to sanctify the oath. Those who break it will suffer terrible luck from their oathbreaking. A number of times equal to the Exalt’s Essence at the time he witnesses or agrees to the oath, the oathbreaker will horribly botch a critical action. When this happens is up to the Storyteller, but it is always at the worst possible moment. The Exalted need not even be alive when the curse takes effect—he sanctifies the oath, but Heaven enforces it. This sanctification may be invoked without cost once the Solar spends 11-15 motes of Peripheral Essence. In addition, Eclipses are protected by ancient pacts with the spirit world, the demon princes and the Fair Folk. Crowned Suns and their companions who are on legitimate business with those beings may not be attacked without just cause (though they may be goaded into attacking and nullifying the oaths). Such creatures must honor the rules of hospitality. Such beings may pretend to be uncompelled, but ultimately, they cannot attack members of an embassy unless they can provoke the characters into breaking the peace. Finally, the Eclipse Caste Solars are talented generalists. Provided they have a tutor, they may learn the Charms of other types of Exalted, spirits or the Fair Folk. These Charms cost double the normal experience of Favored Charms to learn (usually 16 points). In addition, these Charms cost an additional 2 motes to use. Eclipse Caste characters may not start the game knowing non-Solar Charms without Storyteller permission.
Caste Abilities: Members of the Eclipse Caste excel in all forms of communication, organization and travel. They have a natural affinity for the skills of Bureaucracy, Linguistics, Ride, Sail and Socialize.
Associations: The period of Calibration, the color silver, the center direction, the element of air, the gibbous moon and the Maiden of Journeys
Sobriquets: Crowned Suns, Harmonious Voices, Solar Winds, Quicksilver Falcons, Quills of Heaven, The Deceivers (derogatory)
Concepts: adventurous sailor, ambitious courtier, ambitious young noble, army quartermaster, careful spy, elderly society matron, professional diplomat, professional messenger, trade intermediary, village shaman.

Motivation: Extending the reach of the Solar Delibritive, and strengthening ties with the Elemental Courts.
Strength 3, Dexterity 5, Stamina 3; Charisma 4, Manipulation 2, Appearance 2; Perception 3, Intelligence 4, Wits 2
Virtues: Compassion 6, Conviction 1, Temperance 2, Valor 3
Abilities: Athletics 4, Awareness 4, Bureaucracy 3, Dodge 5, Integrity 4, Linguistics 4 (Native: Skytongue), Lore 4, Martial Arts 5 (Bare Hands +3), Medicine 1, Occult 5 (Supernatural Etiquette +3) , Resistance 3, Ride 2, Sail 3, Socialize 3

Backgrounds: Allies 1 (Sidereal), Artifact 2 (Hearthstone Bracers), Artifact 2 (Everyman  Armor), Artifact 2 (Gloves), Manse 2, Manse 3, Resources 4
Limit Break: Otherworld Empathy; Limit Break Condition: The character witness an inhuman being perform a Compassionate act–a dog defending its master, a Deathknight sparing an innocent life, an Elemental healing an injured man, or similar.

Willpower: 10
Essence: 4
Essence Pool: 22/31 (49)
Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-4/Incap
Join Battle: 6  (+2*)

Other Notes or Constant Effects: 

  1. Tanith’s voice has the timbre and intonation of one of the members of the Council of Winds. Air elementals and gods of weather, wind and sky react more favorably to Tanith because he sounds like one of them. (the hearthstone in his armor)
  2. He is surrounded with a subtle aura of Essence that causes gods, elementals and demons to regard him as unusually dignified and well-spoken. This aura is imperceptible to all other beings except gods, elementals and demons and so has no affect on any other creatures. (the hearthstone in his gloves)
  3. He can understand and speak any spoken language as if it were his native tongue. (the hearthstone in his bracers)
  4. The armor he wears can reflexively be made to appear as any sort of armor, and he most often wears it in the guise of a regular, pale-blue buff-jacket, bearing the marks of his family’s colors and crest from the north, as well as various sigils and religious markings from the Elemental Court of Air. He changes these latter markings based on the elemental pole he is closest to. His gloves can be changed at will as well, and obviously always match his coat.
Merits & Flaws - Paragon of Compassion, Compassion Specialty, Past Lives, Elemental Rejuvenation, Greater Curse, Oathbound
  • Paragon of Compassion – Tanith can raise his Compassion to 6, and roll it each morning to regain Willpower.
    (p.54 Spiritual Merit +3) Your character is a font of Compassion[…]. There are four Paragon of [Virtue] Merits, one for each Virtue. A character who is a paragon of one of these Virtues has the potential to raise that Virtue one dot higher than normal, whether at character creation or with experience. For most characters, Virtues are capped at 5, but a character with this Merit raises that cap to 6. If a character already has a Virtue cap higher than 5 for whatever reason, this Merit raises the cap by one additional dot. The Merit does not actually provide any additional dots in the Merit, which must be paid for normally. Also, even if a character raises a Virtue to 6 or higher, she can never have a Willpower rating higher than 10. A Paragon character has the option of rolling the Virtue associated with this Merit every morning to recover Willpower in place of Conviction.
  • Compassion Specialty (Protecting Another) – adds an additional 3 dice to any Compassion roll. 
    (pdf p.13 Spiritual Merit +6) A loving mother becomes ferocious in protecting her children. A chaste priest turns his nose up at even the most seductive temptresses. A mighty demon-hunter proves herself utterly fearless in the face of horrific Yozi spawn. In some specific situation, your character is able to rely on one of his Virtues more than other characters of weaker spirit could. Essentially, this Merit functions like a normal specialty, but it applies to a Virtue instead of an Ability. The player must define a specific situation in which his character’s moral fiber is made of sterner stuff. Whenever that situation arises and the character channels the appropriate Virtue, he gains a dice bonus to the roll. For two points, the Merit confers a one-die bonus; for four points, it confers a two-die bonus; for six points, it confers a three-die bonus. As with normal Ability specialties, the player can purchase this Merit multiple times, but he cannot acquire more than three Virtue specialties per Virtue. He may purchase a single specialty up to a three-die bonus, or he may take multiple specialties in a single Virtue as long as the total number dice bonus associated with that Virtue does not exceed three. There is a downside to this Merit, however. The bonus gained from a Virtue specialty also applies to Virtue rolls appropriate to it, even if the Virtue roll is one the player wishes to fail. For example, if a character has the specialty of Valor (Demons 3), he gains a three-die bonus whenever he channels his Valor to fight demons. He also gains a three-die bonus on Valor rolls triggered by the presence of demons, however, which might prevent him from simply fleeing from a powerful demon who is obviously too much for him to handle. Successes gained from rolling bonus dice on Virtue rolls have all their normal effects, including Limit gain. As with Ability specialties, the Storyteller may veto any proposed Virtue specialty she deems to be too broad in scope.
  • Past LivesTanith remembers much of the First Age as if it happened yesterday, +3 all rolls for First Age technology, lore and society.
    (p.60 Supernatural Merit +4) Your character occasionally has flashes of memory from a prior existence, whether they are a Solar’s hazy recollections of the glory of the First Age or a mortal’s remembrance of a prior existence. For Celestial Exalts, each level of this Merit grants a benefit that corresponds to an increasing recollection of the First Age in terms of technology, society and history. The benefits conferred are as follows: 4 pts. The character remembers much of the First Age as if it happened yesterday. Occasionally, she becomes distracted over pleasant memories of a better world and depressed over the fallen state of Creation. She gains a three-die bonus on all rolls pertaining to First Age technology, lore and society.
  • Elemental Rejuvenation – By meditating outdoors, Tanith can heal and regenerate essence more quickly. 
    (p.134 Abomination +6) This process is not as powerful as their parent’s ability, their human sides dilute the ability. Using this mutation requires full concentration, and no other actions can be attempted while this power is in use. While concentrating and in contact with the appropriate element, the God-Blooded can regenerate one health level of damage or restore one spent Essence mote per six ticks. God-Blooded using Elemental Rejuvenation are not harmed by exposure to the element even if they normally would be. This mutation comes with a strong resemblance to the element in question. The eyes, hair or skin of God-Blooded with Elemental Mutation often change to resemble the element.
  • Greater Curse – Tanith’s unusually high Compassion make him prone to Limit Break more often than normal. 
    (p.72 Supernatural Flaw -1) If your character is a Solar, Lunar or Sidereal, he is more prone to Limit Break. For each point gained from this Merit, the character’s Limit pool decreases by one. If the character has this Flaw at the three-point level, he experiences Limit Break when he acquires seven points of Limit instead of the normal 10. If the character is an Abyssal, his Resonance pool is reduced instead, and if he is a Green Sun Prince, his Infernal Limit pool is similarly reduced. Players of Sidereal Exalted may choose to apply the effects of Greater Curse to the character’s Paradox pool instead of her Limit pool, but only one or the other. The player may not divide a Greater Curse between the two pools.
  • Oathbound – He has sworn to never use a weapon other than his own hands, and will never take another human life. 
    (pdf p.31 Supernatural Flaws -5, -4)
    Your character has sworn some oath or accepted some taboo in exchange for power. Many priests and holy men swear oaths as signs of their devotion to their deities, and the deities in question bless their followers with magically conferred benefits as long as that oath remains fulfilled. The severity of the oath’s requirements is directly proportional to the number of points gained. Major Oath (5 pts.): An oath that interferes with the character’s life in a major way—never cut your hair, remain completely celibate, never use any weapons, spend at least one hour of every day in meditation, strict vegetarianism. Unlike most Flaws, a player who imposes an oath on her character must specifically note what traits the bonus points gained were used to acquire, like so: Complete celibacy, Major (5 pts), +1 Conviction, 1-pt. Priest. If the character ever violates the oath, he loses the benefits associated with the oath until he has made suitable atonement. This atonement will generally take a number of months of contrition and penitence equal to the Flaw rating, as well as a sacrifice with a Resources cost of the Flaw rating or some other suitable, Storyteller-chosen form of repentance. In addition, at the Storyteller’s discretion, violations of major or legendary oaths may also result in divine punishment of some sort, such as the infliction of a Flaw or curse of some kind under which the character must labor until he has received forgiveness. A character may have multiple oaths (but never more than one legendary oath). While multiple oaths may stack, if the character has more than one oath that interferes with the same general area of life (combat, dietary restrictions, sex, prayer, etc.), each oath after the first suffers a cumulative -1 reduction in value. For example, a character who has sworn never to start a fight and to fight only barehanded would gain five points for the major oath but only two points instead of three for the moderate oath. The Storyteller should not allow the player to select multiple oaths if one embraces the other. For example, it would be inappropriate for a character to swear a moderate oath to never start a fight when he has already sworn a legendary oath of total pacifism. Likewise, the player should not be allowed to stack an oath to never eat shellfish on top of an oath of strict vegetarianism.
Movement - Move 5 (*10); Dash 11 (*22); Climb 5; Swim 5; Jump 7/14; *Flight 10/22
Move 5Dash 11Climb 5Swim 5Jump 7 (vertical)Jump 14 (horizontal)Flight 10/22
  • Dexterity +5

* For 6 motes, Tanith can use “Landscape Travel” to move/fly at double his normal movement speed for a scene, which calculates to 45 mph.

Your basic movement is just your Dexterity yards per tick, minus any mobility penalty from your armor.

  • Dexterity +5
  • Dashing +6

*For 6 motes, Tanith can use “Landscape Travel” to move/fly at double his normal movement speed for a scene, which calculates to 45 mph.

Your Dash speed is your Dexterity +6 yards per tick, minus any mobility penalty from your armor.
Dashing also decreases your DV’s by -2.

  • Dexterity +5

Your basic climb rate is your Dexterity yards per tick, minus any mobility penalty from your armor.

  • Dexterity +5

Your basic swim rate is your Dexterity yards per tick, minus any mobility penalty from your armor.

  • Strength +3
  • Athletics +4

Vertical jump is Strength + Athletics in yards, plus any bonus modifiers, minus mobility penalty from your armor.

  • Strength +3
  • Athletics +4

Horizontal jump is (Strength + Athletics) x 2 in yards, plus any bonus modifiers, minus mobility penalty from your armor.

  • Move 5 (x2)
    • Dexterity +5
  • Dash 11 (x2)
    • Dexterity +5
    • Dash +6

For 6 motes, Tanith can use “Landscape Travel” to move/fly at double his normal movement speed for a scene, which calculates to 45 mph.

Gloves of Martial Readiness - Attack 17; Damage 10/2; Speed 4; Rate 3; *Spirit Cutting
Accuracy 17Damage 10/2Speed 4Rate 3Extra
  • Dexterity +5
  • Martial Arts +5
  • Specialty +3
  • Weapon Accuracy +4
  • Weapon +5/2
  • Strength +3
  • Hearthstone Bracers +2
That’s just slightly faster than normal.
That’s for each hand, so it could be split into 6 total attacks if needed… to hit something that can’t dodge.
His hands are surrounded by cascading Essence trails that flare with every impact and parry. Also, for a 3mote surcharge when he activates the gloves, his attacks gain the “Spirit Cutting” elemental ability and can affect immaterial spirits for the scene. Alternately, he can spend 1 mote to activate the ability for all attacks during a single tick.
Other Attacks
  • Punch: Speed 5, Accuracy 8, Damage 3B(0), Defense 9, Rate 3
  • Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy 7, Damage 6B(3), Defense 5, Rate 2
  • Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy 10, Damage 7B, Defense –, Rate 1
Defense - Soak 22L/23B (*34B/35L); Hardness 9L/9B; DodgeDV 10; ParryDV 10; DMDV 9; PMDV 2; Knockdown 6/9; Stunning 3/6
Soak 22L/23BHardness 9L/9BDodge DV 10Parry DV 10DMDV 9PMDV 2Knockdown 6/9Stunning 3/6
  • Natural Soak :  12L/12B (24L/+24B with Oath activated)
    • Stamina Soak :  3L/3B
    • Invincible Essence Reinforcement :  9L/9B
  • Armor Soak :  10L/11B
  • Piercing Soak :  17L/17B

When the Form charm is active, it reduces damage by one die in Step 8, after soak but before the damage is rolled. This may reduce the number of dice below the attack’s minimum damage.

The Charm “An Oath of Presence” adds double the Exalt’s Compassion to both his bashing and lethal soaks (3m/1wp for a scene)

  • Armored Hardness:  6L/6B
  • Invincible Essence Reinforcement :  3L/3B
  • Dexterity +5
  • Dodge +5
  • Essence +4
  • Hearthstone Bracers +3

Gloves of Martial Readiness +2 to total DDV when activated.

  • Dexterity +5
  • Martial Arts +5
  • Specialty +3
  • Glove Defense +4

Gloves of Martial Readiness +2 to total PDV when activated.

  • Willpower +10
  • Integrity +4
  • Essence +4

Dodge Mental Defense Value = (Willpower + Integrity + Essence) divided by  2

  • Charisma +4

Parry Mental Defense Value = (Charisma/Manipulation + Investigation/Performance/Presence) divided by 2

  • Threshold 6
    • Stamina +3
    • Resistance +3
  • Pool 9
    • Dexterity +5
    • Athletics +4

If hit, Tanith is hurled backwards one yard per 3d raw (pre-soak) damage. If the attack’s raw damage is greater than Tanith’s (Stamina + Resistance), the force of impact hurls him to the ground unless he makes a successful reflexive ([Dexterity or Stamina] + [Athletics or Resistance]) roll, difficulty 2. Rising from prone requires an action (see p. 144).

  • Threshold 3
    • Stamina +3
  • Pool 6
    • Stamina +3
    • Resistance +3
  • Target Number: [Damage Suffered – Tanith’s Stamina]

If Tanith suffers a greater number of actual health levels of damage than his Stamina rating, he may be shaken and disoriented from the trauma. Reflexively roll (Stamina + Resistance) at a difficulty of (damage – Stamina). Failure leaves Tanith at -2 dice to all non-reflexive rolls until the tick when his attacker next acts.

He’s a martial arts practitioner of “The Art of Victorious Concession”

The Imperfect Lotus, p.23
Like a gentle breeze that holds a leaf aloft, relaxed but always moving, this calm martial art can be a joy to behold. Many practice it as a healing art, sensing the flows of Essence through another and correcting them with a kind hand. The martial artist is always moving, handling his opponents’ attacks as if he comforted a sick child. His defenses are soft, and his attacks are softer still. Students of this style slip into their opponents’ strikes to unbalance them or use an attack’s force to their own advantage. Training for this martial art involves performing katas blindfolded through obstacles and people, never touching either, and sitting in the living Essence of the small gods. Spirits have the most difficulty learning this style, as it requires them to relearn how to interpret their perceptions of Essence and the world around them.

A compassionate debater rarely has the heart to reject an opponent’s arguments outright. He merely seeks to clarify and correct, until he twists the argument to his own point of view. He lets allies make more confrontational statements. It is dangerous to call such a philosopher on his inability to defend his views, however. In short order, he will cast one’s hypotheses to rubble, while apologizing for his every verbal blow. Some people need a little tough love… Weapons and Armor: The Art of Victorious Concession can only be performed barehanded, though a practitioner may wear any sort of armor.


Second Bureaucracy Excellency - bonus successes (Ref 2m+)
Cost: 2m per success;  Mins: (Ability) 1, Essence 1;  Type: Reflexive (Step 1 for attacker, Step 2 for defender)
Keywords: Combo-OK;  Duration: Instant;  Prerequisite Charms: None
Source: Core Book p.185

Solar Exalted with this Charm are known for their unwavering perfection. The Exalt’s player can invoke this Charm when making a roll based on the relevant Ability. The Exalt then spends up to (Attribute + Ability) in motes. This Charm adds one success to a roll for every two motes spent. Each success purchased with Essence Triumphant is the equivalent of purchasing two dice with the First Excellency or some other dice adder. Therefore, if a Solar had a (Dexterity + Melee) total of 8, he could purchase up to four successes with the Second Excellency. Any magical effects that hinge on the character buying dice will then react as if the character had just bought eight (Dexterity + Melee) dice. The character could not add dice from the effects of other Charms because he has reached his maximum of eight by purchasing the four successes. The Exalt can also use this Charm to enhance unrolled uses of the relevant Ability. Each two motes spent increases his effective (Attribute + Ability) rating for one task by two. This means that every two motes spent on this Excellency increase a static value like a DV by one. The First Excellency is thus considerably more efficient for increasing static values than the Second Excellency, but not reliably so.

This Charm can be Comboed or used together with the First Excellency, but it is incompatible with the Third Excellency, and it can never be used on the same roll as the Third Excellency.

Speed the Wheels - speeds up a project resolution (max time one season) (Sim 8m)
Cost: 8m;  Mins: Bureaucracy 3, Essence 2;  Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)
Keywords: Combo-OK;  Duration: Indefinite;  Prerequisite Charms: Any Bureaucracy Excellency
Source: Core p.231

The Lawgivers bring order and destroy corruption. The Solar speeds the process of a bureaucracy. Normally, an organization must first take a Begin Project dramatic action—ranging from minutes to months in its duration, depending on the organization’s structure—before it can start actual work on a project. The Solar communicates his desire for speedy resolution to the organization, and his player rolls ([Intelligence or Charisma] + Bureaucracy), adding the Solar’s Essence in automatic successes. The difficulty of this roll is 1. If the person responsible for this project deliberately engages in delays, subtract an external penalty of ([that person’s Intelligence + Bureaucracy] ÷ 2) from the successes on the Bureaucracy roll. The Solar is aware of such delaying tactics, however.

If the Solar succeeds, this Charm divides the time needed to begin the project by (the Solar’s Essence + 1), with a maximum possible time of one season. For example, for an Essence 5 Solar, if it would normally take six months to authorize naval repairs or obtain an audience with the local king, this Charm reduces that time to a single month. If it normally takes a century to obtain necessary paperwork from a Fair Folk freehold, the Solar resolves the matter in a single season.

Halo of Ministerial Dominion - make everyone in an organization like me, creating Backing 5 (Dramatic)
Cost: 20m, 1wp; Mins: Bureaucracy 5, Essence 4; Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)
Keywords: Combo-Basic;  Duration: Indefinite; Prerequisite Charms: Speed the Wheels
Source: Lords of Creation p.80
The Lawgiver subtly assumes the reins of power by creating temporary positions and laws to exploit. His player rolls (Intelligence + Bureaucracy + Essence) to perform a dramatic action designed to seize control. This dramatic action generally requires one day of effort per dot of Magnitude of the bureaucracy the character attempts to gain support within, though stunts may reduce this period at the Storyteller’s discretion. This roll must overcome the Dodge MDV of the leader of the targeted organization for the Charm to take effect. If successful, the character will have five dots of Backing in a particular bureaucracy, though her official status remains unchanged. The leader of the targeted bureaucratic organization may choose to block a successful activation by spending 5 Loyalty. Doing so immunizes the organization against this Charm for one season.

Martial Arts

Second Martial Arts Excellency - bonus successes (Ref 2m+)
Cost: 2m per success;  Mins: Martial Arts 1, Essence 1;  Type: Reflexive (Step 1 for attacker, Step 2 for defender)
Keywords: Combo-OK;  Duration: Instant;  Prerequisite Charms: None
Source: Core Book p.185

Solar Exalted with this Charm are known for their unwavering perfection. The Exalt’s player can invoke this Charm when making a roll based on the relevant Ability. The Exalt then spends up to (Attribute + Ability) in motes. This Charm adds one success to a roll for every two motes spent. Each success purchased with Essence Triumphant is the equivalent of purchasing two dice with the First Excellency or some other dice adder. Therefore, if a Solar had a (Dexterity + Melee) total of 8, he could purchase up to four successes with the Second Excellency. Any magical effects that hinge on the character buying dice will then react as if the character had just bought eight (Dexterity + Melee) dice. The character could not add dice from the effects of other Charms because he has reached his maximum of eight by purchasing the four successes. The Exalt can also use this Charm to enhance unrolled uses of the relevant Ability. Each two motes spent increases his effective (Attribute + Ability) rating for one task by two. This means that every two motes spent on this Excellency increase a static value like a DV by one. The First Excellency is thus considerably more efficient for increasing static values than the Second Excellency, but not reliably so.

This Charm can be Comboed or used together with the First Excellency, but it is incompatible with the Third Excellency, and it can never be used on the same roll as the Third Excellency.

Infinite Martial Arts Mastery - bonus successes (Ref 20m, 1wp+)
Cost: 2m per success;  Mins: (Ability) 1, Essence 1;  Type: Reflexive (Step 1 for attacker, Step 2 for defender)
Keywords: Combo-OK;  Duration: Instant;  Prerequisite Charms: None
Source: Core Book p.185

Solar Exalted with this Charm are known for their unwavering perfection. The Exalt’s player can invoke this Charm when making a roll based on the relevant Ability. The Exalt then spends up to (Attribute + Ability) in motes. This Charm adds one success to a roll for every two motes spent. Each success purchased with Essence Triumphant is the equivalent of purchasing two dice with the First Excellency or some other dice adder. Therefore, if a Solar had a (Dexterity + Melee) total of 8, he could purchase up to four successes with the Second Excellency. Any magical effects that hinge on the character buying dice will then react as if the character had just bought eight (Dexterity + Melee) dice. The character could not add dice from the effects of other Charms because he has reached his maximum of eight by purchasing the four successes. The Exalt can also use this Charm to enhance unrolled uses of the relevant Ability. Each two motes spent increases his effective (Attribute + Ability) rating for one task by two. This means that every two motes spent on this Excellency increase a static value like a DV by one. The First Excellency is thus considerably more efficient for increasing static values than the Second Excellency, but not reliably so.

This Charm can be Comboed or used together with the First Excellency, but it is incompatible with the Third Excellency, and it can never be used on the same roll as the Third Excellency.

FORM: Instruction in Good Will (or Victorious Concession Form) - special damage, increase Pre/Soc, *soak (Sim 5m)
Cost: 5m;  Mins: Martial Arts 4, Compassion 3, Essence 2;  Type: Simple
Keywords: Form-type;  Duration: One scene;  Prerequisite Charms: Hearing the Unspoken Word, Spoken in Kindness

A debater who masters Compassion knows that sometimes it is kindest to defeat an opponent quickly, for long struggles breed bitterness. She practices using blunt statements, difficult to turn aside, to undermine her foes’ arguments in ways that leave them intact but unable to recover. Those who still try to argue find it more difficult to harm such a gentle soul.

A master of Compassion deals a special stunning damage with her fists, fingers, palms and feet. Treat it as bashing, but only armor can soak this damage. A character who suffers this special stunning damage doubles the effect of his wound penalties. The stunning damage heals naturally at twice the rate of normal bashing damage. Inflicting stunning damage upon a target who is Incapacitated does not inflict lethal damage or otherwise harm the target any further.

In an attempt to sway the enemy from fighting at all, the MA increases his Presence and Socialize scores by his Essence score. This last effect lasts until he makes any form of physical attack other than a clinch.

This Charm also reduces damage by one die in Step 8, after soak but before the damage is rolled. This may reduce the number of dice below the attack’s minimum damage.

MISC: Hearing the Unspoken Word - sense anyone (living) within 50 yds, Join Battle +2 (Sim 3m)
Cost: 3m;  Mins: Martial Arts 2, Compassion 2, Essence 1;  Type: Simple (Speed 4)
Keywords: Combo-OK;  Duration: One scene;  Prerequisite Charms: None

Even a beginning debater of Compassion knows how to empathize with her opponents and get a feel for the state of the argument. She can discern where others stand on certain matters and how they will act, sometimes even before they do.

The martial artist can sense people in her vicinity. Anyone within a radius of ([Compassion + Essence] x 5) yards cannot hide from her and cannot surprise or ambush her. She is considered aware of all entities and attacks from anyone within that range. This awareness does not give the martial artist the ability to maneuver without sight, though, as the character cannot detect walls, hidden pits and the like through this Charm. Likewise, this Charm cannot detect any creature without true sentience or with a Compassion rating of 0 (such as undead or automata).

A character can use Hearing the Unspoken Word to track people outside of battle, but it is hard to distinguish between targets using only strength of empathy or desire as a measure. Only those of great Virtue (4 or more in Compassion or Conviction) or of passionate mind stand out easily from a crowd.

Her supernatural sense also enables a practitioner to guess how people will act. When performing a Join Battle action, this Charm gives her two extra dice. Outside of battle, the martial artist’s uncanny ability to discern what people have in mind reduces the difficulty of rolls to read motivation by one, and the Exalt’s tendency to see through fronts and deceptions often unnerves those with whom she interacts.

MISC: Showering Foes with Friendship - extra actions, & full actions, not just attacks (Ext 6m,1wp)
Cost: 6m, 1wp; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Compassion 4, Essence 3; Type: Extra Action
Keywords: Combo-OK;  Duration: Instant;  Prerequisite Charms: Softening Cruel Tidings

With a little careful planning, the Compassionate master can surprise his opponents with enough sympathetic arguments and friendly overtures to throw her off balance, winning a serious advantage.

The martial artist’s player rolls (Compassion + Essence). Each success gives the Exalt one additional action for immediate use in this magical flurry. These are considered full actions for the purpose of performing any non-attack actions, such as stanching wounds, picking a lock or attempting to reestablish surprise. Showering Foes with Friendship may be used for offensive actions only if the action is created or supplemented by a Charm from this style or a Compassion Charm normally available only to spirits. Either option requires a Combo with Showering Foes with Friendship. This Charm may also be part of a Combo with Charms from other Abilities as long as they are not used to cause harm.

HEAL: Soothing Word of Wisdom - healing touch vs lethal or bashing (Sup 2m/3m)
Cost: 2m or 3m; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Compassion 3, Essence 3; Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK, Stackable, Touch;  Duration: Instant;  Prerequisite Charms: Instruction in Good Will

A choice word can lift a man’s spirits and soothe his troubled mind. This principle holds in debate, as a philosopher of Compassion can use her knowledge to repair the arguments of her friends. She can also help her enemies, knowing that it is hard to oppose one who does you such kindness. Any blow struck with the Soothing Word of Wisdom heals rather than harms.

On a successful strike, which need not actually inflict damage, the martial artist’s power heals one level of damage. Each time the character heals an individual, however, her Essence subverts his body. Anyone affected by this Charm suffers a -1 external penalty to any attack on the martial artist’s person. This penalty lasts for the rest of the scene and accumulates to a maximum equal to (the target’s Compassion x 2).

Using this Charm costs two motes to heal a bashing wound and three to heal a lethal wound. It cannot heal aggravated damage. This Charm has no effect on a target who is in perfect health.

HEAL: Loving Oration - mass healing (11d10) out to 40 yards (Sim 5m,1wp,1lhl)
Cost: 5+m, 1+wp, 1 lhl; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Compassion 5, Essence 4; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-Basic, Compulsion, Obvious;  Duration: One scene;  Prerequisite Charms: Lesson of the Rod

A speech of perfect kindness and love flows from the font of the debater’s nigh-infinite compassion. All who are near him bask in his forgiveness and support, growing strong in their debate. Anyone who does not receive a bolstering word suffers a severe disadvantage in the prolonged discussion ahead.

Gentle light flows from the martial artist’s palms and touches everyone nearby with his comforting influence and power. All living creatures within (his Essence x 10) yards heal one health level for every success on a (Martial Arts + Compassion) roll, recovering more deadly wounds before lesser injuries. This Charm heals aggravated damage, but it must first “spend” one level of healing to change the aggravated wound level to a lethal wound level.

Example: This Charm affects Without Fear Lei after a battle that left him drained. He suffered two aggravated wounds, two lethal wounds and one bashing wound. The wash of healing gives him five levels of healing. The first four levels eliminate the two aggravated wounds: two levels to turn each of them into lethal wounds and then two more to heal them completely. The last level of healing removes one of Lei’s lethal wounds. He is left with one lethal and one bashing wound. If Lei suffered three aggravated wounds instead of two, the last level of healing would change the last aggravated wound to lethal. He would go from three aggravated, two lethal, one bashing to three lethal and one bashing.

In addition, invocation of this Charm acts as a social attack. Compare successes on the roll to the Dodge MDV of all sentient creatures within range. Targets have the opportunity to activate relevant defenses if they have not already used other Charms. Any target overwhelmed by the burst of supernal love cannot harm any other living creature until the martial artist leaves her presence or the scene ends. Someone affected by this aspect of the Charm can spend one point of Willpower to act normally for an action, and once she does so three times, she is free of the compulsion.

If he desires, the devotee of Compassion may single out people whom the Charm shall not heal. Doing so costs him one additional mote per person, and to do so at all, he must spend an additional point of Willpower to subdue his overwhelming Compassion for all things. Such a target is not subject to the social effect. Loving Oration does not stack. A single character cannot use it repeatedly to keep healing injured people. Any damage that remains after one use must heal naturally or be healed by other Charms (including those of other practitioners of Victorious Concession).

DEF: An Oath of Presence - raises soak for a scene, allows supernatural healing (Sim 3m+,1wp)
Cost: 3+m, 1wp; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Compassion 4, Essence 3; Type: Simple (DV -0)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious;  Duration: One scene;  Prerequisite Charms: Soothing Word of Wisdom

A true friend doesn’t fold under pressure. The loyalty that proves one’s true compassion for others requires toughness and endurance, so other people know they can rely on one in a time of travail.

This Charm increases the martial artist’s bashing and lethal soak by (Compassion x 2). It also gives him the reflexive ability to heal either one point of lethal or two points of bashing damage each action at a cost of one mote. For the duration, the Exalt’s image remains in the eyes of those who look upon him, as if he is more permanent than his surroundings.

DEF: Spoken in Kindness - reflexively redirect/draw an attack (Ref 1m)
Cost: 1m;  Mins: Martial Arts 3, Compassion 2, Essence 1;  Type: Reflexive (Step 2)
Keywords: Combo-OK;  Duration: Instant;  Prerequisite Charms: None

The arguments of Compassion lend themselves to the defense of others’ arguments, and sifus encourage such acts. This practice can often win friends. Sometimes, it makes enemies.

This Charm allows the martial artist to redirect an attack aimed at someone else to himself. For all purposes, including determining onslaught penalty, the attack becomes an attack on the Exalt. The character defends against the redirected attack as normal.

To help someone, the attack’s original target must be within the martial artist’s melee range, though he may take his normal Move action for the tick to reach someone.

DEF: Opening the Door - attack hits Solar automatically, but with only 1 success (Ref 2m)
Cost: 2m;  Mins: Martial Arts 5, Compassion 3, Essence 2;  Type: Reflexive (Step 2)
Keywords: Combo-OK;  Duration: Instant;  Prerequisite Charms: Instruction in Good Will

In the middle of a fierce debate, to accede gently in the face of great opposition can be disarming. Such a practice can render an opponent’s argument nearly harmless to one’s cause. The opponent seems churlish or fanatical to onlookers, who consequently dismiss her views.

When a martial artist uses this Charm against an attack, he accepts the blow. The foe’s attack hits him, but the character intercepts it before it can build up its full force, or he rolls with it. Either way, the blow is weakened. It automatically succeeds, but with only one extra success.

DEF: Softening Cruel Tidings - remove charms behind an attack, gain the essence (Ref 3m,1wp)
Cost: 3m, 1wp;  Mins: Martial Arts 5, Compassion 3, Essence 3;  Type: Reflexive (Step 2)
Keywords: Combo-OK;  Duration: Instant;  Prerequisite Charms: Instruction in Good Will

The ability to give bad news kindly can make any news less harsh, and the same principle applies to debates. One practiced in Compassion can remove the edge from a cutting remark she hears, often rendering it harmless. The edges she removes often find their way back into the discussion—to her favor.

This Charm can remove the magic behind any single attack that targets the martial artist. Any attack enhanced by a reflexive or supplemental Charm (or a Combo using them) is a valid target for this Charm. The martial artist’s player rolls her (Compassion + Essence) in a resisted roll against the target’s permanent Essence. If she accrues at least as many successes as her opponent, she strips away the reflexive and supplemental Charms aiding the attack. The martial artist gains the motes used to fuel the canceled Charms, to a maximum of (her Compassion x 2). These motes can only be used to fuel Compassion Charms—either those of this style or spirit Charms based on Compassion. The motes fade after 10 minutes if they are not used. Note that only spirit practitioners of this style and Eclipse or Moonshadow Caste Exalted are likely to have spirit Charms.

Successful use of this Charm does not stop the attack. For example, an Exalt who uses this Charm against an archer’s Essence Arrow Attack can still be hit by an arrow. But at least the arrow does not inflict additional damage. This Charm is Obvious if any of the Charms it affects are Obvious.

DEF: Flawed Dedication Consent - counterattack with +6 to DV and automatic clinch attempt (Ref 3m,1wp)
Cost: 3m, 1wp;  Mins: Martial Arts 5, Compassion 3, Essence 3;  Type: Reflexive (Step 2)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Counterattack;  Duration: Instant;  Prerequisite Charms: Opening the Door

Remaining quiet, the debater lets her opponent build on a faulty foundation. When the time comes for her to counter the fool’s argument, she doesn’t need to do anything more than point out its basic fallacy and watch it all come tumbling down.

Invoking this Charm, the martial artist sees an attack from both her perspective and that of the attacker. This knowledge lets her identify her opponent’s worst mistake and how to counter it. She parries or evades the attack, adding her Compassion score to the DV of her choice. If her defense succeeds, she immediately makes a clinch counterattack against the attacker with a dice pool equal to (Martial Arts + Compassion). For every point by which her DV exceeded her attacker’s successes, she adds one additional die.

DEF: Lesson of the Rod - counterattack, deals damage back to assailant (Ref 2m,1wp)
Cost: 2m, 1wp; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Compassion 5, Essence 4; Type: Reflexive (Step 9)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Counterattack;  Duration: Instant;  Prerequisite Charms: Honey-Coated Admonitions, Showering Foes with Friendship, An Oath of Presence

Sometimes, the only way to prove one’s point to the opponent is to teach by example. Only by showing him the harm he has caused so callously can the debater break down her opponent’s arguments and win the day.

Once an attack connects, the Exalt invokes this Charm to share the pain with her foe. For every level of damage (not every die of damage) the martial artist suffers, her attacker suffers two unsoakable levels of special stunning damage as described by Instruction in Good Will.

ATT: Honey-Coated Admonitions - reduce target's soak/DV's by 4 for single attack, if hit treat as one success (Sup 4m)
Cost: 4m;  Mins: Martial Arts 5, Compassion 3, Essence 3;  Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK;  Duration: Instant;  Prerequisite Charms: Opening the Door

Masterful orators can kill with kindness. Gentle and benign-seeming remarks can tear a foe’s argument into pieces while seeming like assistance. Some opponents in the debate will stand, smiling, while their philosophies collapse around them. This method can be slow without special preparation, however.

Using this technique in battle allows the martial artist to subtract from a foe’s DVs and soak values a number of successes equal to his (i.e., the martial artist’s) Essence dots. The attack is rolled and carried out normally, but if it overcomes the target’s parry or dodge, the attack is treated as though it had only one extra success.


Terrestrial Circle Sorcery - the first of the three levels of sorcery
Cost: —;  Mins: Occult 3, Essence 3;  Type: Permanent
Keywords: None;  Duration: Instant;  Prerequisite Charms: None
Source: Core Book p.220

The Exalted shape the Essence of the world. This Charm lets the character hone her will to the razor-sharp edge necessary to perform magic of the so-called First Circle—a power infinitely greater than mortal thaumaturgy. This magic can affect up to a few hundred individuals at a time, and its spells take only a few moments to cast. This Charm allows the character to take Terrestrial Circle Sorcery actions (see p. 252).


Ox-Body Technique (x2) - increase your number of permanent health levels (Permanent)
Cost: —; Mins: Resistance 1, Essence 1; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Stackable;  Duration: Permanent;  Prerequisite Charms: None
Source: Core Book p.208

The Exalted are like the mountains: not easily worn down by such mortal things as men. This Charm gives the Lawgiver additional health levels. A player may purchase this Charm up to once per dot of the Resistance Ability her character possesses. Each purchase provides one of the following, at the player’s option, determined at the time of purchase:

• One -0 health level
• Two -1 health levels
• One -1 health level and two -2 health levels

Invincible Essence Reinforcement (x3) - increase your natural bashing and lethal soak (Permanent)
Cost: —;  Mins: Resistance 3, Essence 2;  Type: Permanent
Keywords: Stackable  Duration: Permanent  Prerequisite Charms: None
Source: Ink Monkey p.21

Undertaking a grueling regimen of endurance training, the Solar folds Essence into his body until his skin becomes hard enough to turn aside blades. The Lawgiver’s natural lethal and bashing soak calculations become (Stamina + 3). This Charm may be purchased up to a total of (Resistance) times; each purchase after the first adds 3 to the character’s natural lethal and bashing soak.

With Essence 4+, the Solar also gains natural lethal and bashing hardness equal to the number of times he has purchased this Charm.


Third Sail Excellency - reroll any sailing roll (Ref 4m)
Cost: 4m;  Mins: Sail 1, Essence 1;  Type: Reflexive (Step 4 for attacker, Step 6 for defender)
Keywords: Combo-OK;  Duration: Instant;  Prerequisite Charms: None
Source: Core Book p.185

Exalted with this Charm recover smoothly from failure. An Exalt’s player can invoke this Charm after making a roll based on the relevant Ability. This Charm allows her player to make the roll again, using the new result if the Exalt prefers it. The Exalt can also use this Charm to enhance static values derived from the relevant Ability. Doing so increases the character’s effective (Attribute + Ability) rating for one task by the Ability rating. This means that the Essence Resurgent Excellency increases an applicable DV by half the relevant Ability.

Perfect Reckoning Technique - the ship travels on curse around hazards at max speed (Sim 4m)
Cost: 4m;  Mins: Sail 3, Essence 1;  Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)
Keywords: Combo-OK;  Duration: Instant;  Prerequisite Charms: Any Sail Excellency
Source: Core Book p.237

The Lawgivers find their way through the most terrible seas. This Charm is a dramatic action to guide the ship toward its destination. The Solar must be on board and authorized to navigate. The ship travels on course at its maximum speed until something—sleep, combat or the need to focus on other matters—distracts the character and causes her to take another action. The Solar’s player automatically succeeds at any valid Sail roll made for the character to find her way around known hazards to a given destination—though she must have enough information to make this a valid roll.

Fleet Outrunning Flagship - double the speed of the ship (Sim 3m)
Cost: 3m; Mins: Sail 3, Essence 2; Type: Simple
Keywords: None;  Duration: Indefinite;  Prerequisite Charms: Any Sail Excellency
Source: Manual of Exalted Power – Dragon-Blooded p.170, Thousand Correct Action p.104

This Charm can enhance any Sail vehicle, doubling the speed of its propulsion. Vehicles lacking propulsion receive no benefit. (A massive caravan wagon without teams of yeddim to pull it is as helpless as a becalmed ship.) The Solar and Abyssal versions of this charm do not require any extra Sail rolls to traverse dangerous waters.


Summon Elemental - summons a minion of varying abilities to do your bidding (4hours 10m+)
Cost: 10+m;  Target: Elemental
Source: Core Book p.254
This spell is much like Demon of the First Circle and uses, generally, the same rules, with the following exceptions.

  • It summons an elemental and not a demon.
  • It can be cast at any time—shaping the spell is a dramatic action requiring four hours of effort, but it need not start at sunset or end at midnight.
  • The roll to banish the elemental if the binding fails is difficulty 1, not difficulty 3.
  • The elemental will not serve for more than a lunar month, and it cannot be set to tasks that take longer than a year and a day. This effect is still an unnatural Servitude effect, and elementals do not spend Willpower to break free of it.

The kidnap and enslavement of elementals can outrage the Celestial Bureaucracy. Characters who mistreat their servants or bind the servants of powerful gods are likely to earn the ire of the spirit world. Elementals are seen somewhat as the “poor relations” of the powerful gods of Heaven. A little mistreatment won’t raise eyebrows, but callously burning out elemental servants for the sorcerer’s purposes forces Heaven to act.

The Lawgiver chooses what elemental or species of elemental he summons. Certain elementals, important to the function of the world, have the right to send a proxy in answer to the sorcerer’s call rather than answering it themselves.

Spirit Charms –
Sendings (Compassion)

Worldly Illusion - spirit and 4 others depart the normal flow of time for a scene (Ref 7m)
Cost: 5m (+2m); Mins: Essence 3; Type: Reflexive
Illusion;  Duration: One scene;  Source: RoGDI:G&E p.151

The spirit uses its understanding of immortality to place itself and its targets outside of time. While this Essence is committed, the spirit (or another of its Sendings) and a number of targets up to the spirit’s Essence depart the normal flow of time and enter into a mass dream. This effect is usually consensual, but targets with a Dodge Mental Defense Value greater than the spirit’s (Essence + Compassion) may choose to be unaffected. One spirit may cause the world to appear to freeze in place. Another may appear to transport itself and its targets to a faraway location or to a location the spirit imagines. There, the spirit and its targets may wage social combat between the blows of a sword or strategize in the midst of a battle. Once the committed Essence is released, all the participants return to exactly where they were just before this Charm was used.

  • What happens in the dream is purely social. No changes whatsoever last beyond the end of the conversation save the effects of social combat, with the special exception of Compassion Charms invoked during that “time.”
  • A player who wants her character to leave the dream world may spend three Willpower to do so. This Charm may be used a number of times per scene equal to the spirit’s Compassion

Spirit Charms –
Divinations (Compassion)

Amethyst Awareness - grants Essence sight (Permanent)
Cost: 6m (+2m);  Mins: Essence 1;  Type: Reflexive (Step 1)
Keywords: None;  Duration: Indefinite
Source: Books of Sorcery Vol 4. – Roll of Glorious Divinity p.148

This Charm provides the benefits of All-Encompassing Sorcerer’s Sight (see Exalted, p. 222).

Nothing is hidden from the Lawgivers. The character augments his vision with the ability to see patterns of Essence. This Charm allows the character to see motes, Essence-fueled effects, power and invisible but magical creatures and effects. These things become valid targets for the character’s visual Awareness rolls, including reflexive visual Awareness rolls.

The ability to perceive Essence patterns has the following effects: All Charms are treated as Obvious with respect to the character. Dematerialized and invisible creatures and effects are considered visible. The character recognizes all artifacts, manses and demesnes as such. The character can automatically recognize a creature with Essence 4+ as a supernatural creature. Characters using Stealth to avoid detection are not automatically revealed by their Charms, Essence trait or carried artifacts—for the same reason that colorful clothing does not automatically void mundane attempts at stealth. Instead, add the target’s Essence in dice to any attempt by the character to pierce mundane or magical Stealth. Similarly, this Charm does not automatically void disguises, magical disguises and similar deceptions, although circumstances might warrant a bonus to see through them.

If the character makes a conscious attempt to analyze what he sees, this Charm allows an (Intelligence + Occult) roll to do so. Identifying the exact effects of an unknown Charm or spell is difficulty 5. Gauging the rating of a person’s Essence trait, a demesne, a manse or an artifact has difficulty 2.

Memory Mirror - see target's memory and read emotions/intentions (Ref 7m)
Cost: 5m (+2m); Mins: Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: None; Duration: Instant
Source: BoSv4 p.149
The spirit finds what it seeks in the target’s mind. The spirit attempts to read her per Reading Motivation (see Exalted, p. 131), but actually reads something besides Intimacies and Motivation, such as a memory. Unless the target’s Essence exceeds the spirit’s, the Reading Motivation check receives (Compassion) automatic successes.

Spirit Charms –
Relocations (Conviction)

Landscape Travel - allows Tanith to fly, move at double his rate, or both (Ref 6m)
Cost: 4m (+2m); Mins: Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Combo-OK; Duration: One Scene
Source: BoSv4 p.157
For every two dots of Essence the spirit possesses, it grants itself one of three bonuses:

  • One die to all Dexterity rolls associated with a particular form of movement, to a maximum of the spirit’s Conviction.
  • Double the speed of a particular form of movement.
  • Grants itself a new form of movement, just as fast as it would be on land.

Artifacts & Gear
Gloves of Martial Readiness (Artifact •)
Book of Sorcery vol.1, Wonders of the Lost Age p.78

This weapon consists of a pair of attractive gloves made from the finest leather and chased with Orichalcum. The left glove contains a single hearthstone socket on the middle of the back of the hand. To use this artifact, a wearer must put on both gloves and spend eight motes of Essence to attune them. Once attuned, the wearer can cause an eddy of swirling Essence energy to extend around one or both gloves. The wearer can extend or retract these eddies as a reflexive action. In addition, the wearer can cause the gloves’ leather to change color, allowing them to be fashionably worn with almost any garb. Because the gloves appear to be decorative items, anyone unaware of their function will see nothing unusual about them being worn to a formal function—though Charms such as All-Encompassing Sorcerer’s Sight instantly allow the viewer to see that this artifact is a weapon.

In addition, if the wearer spends two motes of Essence, one of the gloves extends a shield of invisible Essence that lasts for one scene (costing the wearer one of his weapon hands). Because it automatically moves to deflect attacks, the shield provides a +2 bonus to the wearer’s DV against both ranged and melee attacks (in addition to the weapon’s normal parry bonus). This weapon also gains the normal bonuses from being made from one of the five magical materials.

Because they were his father’s gloves, they contain the “Spirit Cutting” elemental ability. For a three mote surcharge when he activates the gloves, his attacks can affect immaterial spirits for the scene. Alternately, he can spend 1 mote to activate the ability for all attacks during a single tick.

  • Speed 4
  • Accuracy +2 (+2)
  • Damage +6L/2
  • Defense +3 (+1)
  • Rate 3 (+1)
  • Min: –
  • Attune 8
  • Tags: M,O

The bonuses are from being made of Orichalcum.

Everyman Armor (Artifact •••)
Book of Sorcery vol.3, Oadenol’s Codex p.37
Everyman armor looks like a plain steel suit of lamellar armor. It functions similarly, offering the same amount of protection, mobility penalty and fatigue. Before attunement, its only unique feature is near indestructibility. Attuning it requires six motes, at which point its mobility penalty and fatigue drop to zero. While wearing the armor, an attuned character may spend three motes to reflexively change her appearance. The character can look like any human she imagines, in any dress, and the armor can look like any sort of armor (but provides a constant amount of soak). Mundane attempts to see through the disguise fail, but people with inhuman sensory acuity may succeed. Their attempts are made at +2 difficulty on top of the character’s additional efforts to conceal her identity. The only restriction is that the disguise always includes some form of evident armor.

In the event that a nonhuman wears everyman armor (such as a Fair Folk or beastman), that character can change his appearance but not his species. A wolfman, for instance, could look like any wolfman, but not a snakeman or human.
This is an effective power for any character who wishes to remain discreet or infiltrate an enemy’s gang. It borrows mechanics from an Essence 2 Charm but costs less and has no limits (except species) on the identity a character can choose to display. That armor must always be part of the disguise is no more than a two-dot drawback, accounting for the reduced attunement cost.

Lamellar armor is a breastplate composed of a series of interlocking horizontal bands. Lamellar is lighter and more flexible than a standard breastplate and allows better air circulation. Lamellar armor is assumed to include greaves to protect the wearer’s lower legs, a skirt to protect his upper legs and bracer’s to protect his wrists and arms.

  • Soak: 8L/9B
  • Hardness: 5L/5B
  • Mobility: -1
  • Fatigue: 0
  • Attune: 3
  • Tags: May be concealed under a jacket or heavy cloak.
  • Orichalcum increases Soak +2L/+2B and Hardness +1L/+1B
Hearthstone Bracers (Artifact ••)
Core Book p.105
Another common survivor of the First Age (and still manufactured occasionally the DragonBlooded), hearthstone bracers provide powerful defensive bonuses to the Exalt who wear them. These bracers come as a pair, one of which has a setting for a single hearthstone and the other of which is imbued with magical power. These powers work only for an Exalt of the appropriate type. Hearthstone bracers require the commitment of four motes of Essence to activate them—two motes for each bracer. A bracer must be worn with its mate and will not activate unless worn as a pair. Regardless of construction, hearthstone bracers provide a three-die bonus to dodge attempts made by an attuned user.

Orichalcum: Ornately wrought in homage to the Unconquered Sun, these bracers cause the Solar Exalt who wears them to strike with the surety and power of the Unconquered Sun. All of the character’s attacks have their damage increased by two dice while he is wearing the bracers.

Godspeaking Trillion (Hearthstone of Air •)
Book of Sorcery vol.3, Oadenol’s Codex p.85
This hearthstone resembles a square-cut piece of milky blue topaz. It gives the bearer’s voice the timbre and intonation of one of members of the Council of Winds. Air elementals and gods of weather, wind and sky react more favorably to the character because he sounds like one of them. The character’s player may apply either a +2 bonus to all Social rolls when dealing with such entities, or reduce their difficulties by 1 (to a minimum of 1). This includes Charms that must exceed a target’s MDV to exert mental influence, but the player may not apply both advantages at once.
Jewel of the Celestial Mandarin (Sidereal Hearthstone ••)
Book of Sorcery vol.3, Oadenol’s Codex p.105
This transparent, faceted square stone glows with a faint violet light. The stone surrounds the bearer with a subtle aura of Essence that causes gods, demons and elementals to regard him as unusually dignified and well-spoken. This stone reduces the difficulty of all Social rolls the bearer’s player uses on such beings by 2 (to a minimum difficulty of 1). This aura is imperceptible to all other beings except gods, elementals and demons and so has no affect on any other creatures.
Gemstone of Spoken Languages (Hearthstone of Air •••)
Book of Sorcery vol.3, Oadenol’s Codex p.87
This blue-green prism allows the bearer to understand and speak any language or dialect, no matter its origin. However, the stone’s power does not extend to written language. The bearer can understand and speak any spoken language as if it were her native tongue, but cannot read or write any language she has not learned.


Limit Break: Otherworld Empathy
Overcome with boundless good-will, the character extends the fullness of his compassion to all things, truly–his fellow men, animals, rocks, mathematical lemmas, Deathknights, inhuman Fair Folk, even to Neverborn or Yozi. He empathizes with any being animate or inanimate, no matter how malevolent or inhuman they may be, and takes pains to ensure their happiness and comfort, though not necessarily to the point of becoming complicit in schemes or plans that are directly inimical to Creation. For some characters, this manifests as an emotional regression, as they become like children who deem inhuman demons and wyld behemoths “cute.” If he is attacked, he will react as if it were a puppy nipping at him–he may scold his attacker or attempt to leave, but he will never fight back or cease displaying Compassion to his attackers.

Partial Control: While the character is still filled with Compassion for all things, they can defend themselves against beings that attack them, and do not need to continue showing empathy to them.

Duration: One scene in combat, or one day otherwise.

Limit Break Condition: The character witness an inhuman being perform a Compassionate act–a dog defending its master, a Deathknight sparing an innocent life, an Elemental healing an injured man, or similar.

Talismans & Prayer Strips
Core Book p.379

It is human nature to attempt to persuade fate and chance to change their course. Some pray to the gods, while others carry magic charms and talismans to bring them luck. In the world of Exalted, these methods are quite effective, if unreliable. Most talismans are generated by a natural event—a stroke of good luck, a noteworthy deed—whose magic lingers in mementos of the incident. Individuals seek out the best mementos they can find and cross their fingers.

Talismans can also be created by thaumaturges and occultists, Exalted and otherwise. By combining materials pleasing and displeasing to the spirits and the gods, a magician may seek to make a lucky item. The raw materials for such an undertaking are often costly, and the results are uncertain, but the chances of success are better than attempting to get a talisman by gathering mementos. Both sorts of talismans are offered for sale, though the buyer should beware of fakes. The natural sort usually have a cost between Resources 1 and 3, while the created sort begin at Resources 3 and go up from there. It requires a successful difficulty 3 (Intelligence + Occult) roll to create an effective talisman, though the difficulty decreases to 2 if the character actually has the memento of an appropriate event from which to work.

It is impossible to tell, from visual inspection, if a talisman is effective. A character with Occult 2 or higher can make certain simple tests on the item involving spoken words or passes of the hands. This testing requires a difficulty 1 (Perception + Occult) roll. If successful, the character can tell whether the talisman possesses true power.

The talismans described here represent just a small selection of the kinds available. For example, there are fertility talismans for crops, livestock and humans as well as charms for safe sea voyages and for luck in business. For every endeavor, thaumaturgy has produced a magical helpmeet, sometimes effective but often not.

It’s worth noting that the effects of multiple talismans of the same type do not stack. In general, a character will benefit from only the best talisman she carries, though the Storyteller might wish to extend some additional benefit to truly prodigious talisman collections.

Each type of talisman has an effect and lists the possibility of more potent talismans with two or three times that effect. A talisman with the basic effect has a talisman rating 1, with rating 2 talismans having double the effect and rating 3 being triple. Naturally occurring talismans usually sell for Resources equal to their rating, while manufactured talismans generally cost one or two dots more. Storytellers may allow characters to gain talismans through the Artifact Background—three total points of talisman rating, whether from one potent talisman or multiple weaker talismans, is approximately equal to one dot of Artifact.

Charms Against Disease
One of the rarest and most valued talismans is a charm against disease. Carried on a character’s person, this talisman adds one die to the (Stamina + Resistance) roll made to withstand disease and one die to the (Stamina + Resistance) roll made to overcome its effects. Used to protect a household, the talisman adds two dice to the (Stamina + Resistance) rolls made for all those within when they attempt to resist infection. However, the charm is effective only so long as the individuals are within the warded house. Very strong charms against disease have double or even triple these effects.

Good Luck Charms
Good luck charms don’t so much give a character good luck as protect him from bad luck. Once per story, a good luck charm will protect the character from the negative effects of a botch, either one the player rolls or one another player rolls that would hurt the talisman-carrying character. This protection may have indirect effects. For example, if the character is aboard a ship that crashes into a shoal due to pilot mishap, he might be picked up by a passing ship or might find a floating spar and be cast safely ashore. Very powerful good luck charms will negate two or three botches in a single story.

Naturally occurring walkaways are created from mementos of an impressive accidents where the survivors should have been killed or maimed, but instead emerged unharmed (hence the name). Once per story, an effective walkaway will negate one success on a single, life-threatening damage roll. Very powerful walkaways can negate two or even three successes, but they must all be from the same damage roll.

Warding Charms
There are different talismans that protect against the Fair Folk, spirits, elementals, demons or the walking dead. These charms cause beings of the appropriate type to suffer a -1 penalty to all their dice pools when attempting to affect the wearer. Very powerful warding charms might have double or even triple this effect. Magical beings can sense when an individual is warded against their power and often react with hostility. Warding charms are the easiest sort of talismans to make—reduce the cost and difficulty of the rolls involved by one.

Item Resources Cost
Premade prayer papers •
Special prayer papers ••
Small animal sacrifi ces ••
Large animal sacrifi ces •••
Burning rare incense ••••
Found good luck talisman •
Found disease talisman ••
Found warding charm •••
Created warding charm ••••
Created good luck charm ••••
Created walkaway •••••

Reading Motivation (Per/Soc(Occ))
Core Book p.131
Tanith’s (Per+Soc) vs target’s (Manipulation+Social)/2 [rounded up].
After several minutes of interaction or observation, a character can try to glean the truth of a subject’s mood or personality with a successful (Perception + [Investigation or Socialize]) roll made by the player, using whichever Ability has a higher rating. The difficulty is equal to half the target’s (Manipulation + Socialize), rounded up. If successful, the observer knows the other character’s most dominant emotion and can place that emotion in the context of the current scene, if applicable. With twice the required number of successes, the observer can learn one current Intimacy that the other character has demonstrated in the scene or establish whether any Intimacy to another selected character in the scene exists. If a relationship exists, the observer also gleans whether the relationship is positive or rooted in animosity. Characters can also evaluate motivation with (Perception + Investigation) at the listed difficulty as a standard dice action when they suspect another character in the scene has just lied. Success discovers whether the statement was a lie or significantly deceptive omission, though the character does not discern the truth.
Example: Anoria is at a party talking to a local politician and his wife. After her player rolls twice the difficulty in successes, the Exalt discerns that the politician is bored and feels no particular loyalty to his wife. He’ll probably excuse himself with the first girl to proposition him. She files this information away for later use.

Remember that when dealing with gods, elementals & demons, Tanith should use Occult in place of Socialize.