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If you have a favorite recipe you would like to submit for the group to have (like baked oatmeal), send it to me and I’ll add it. What good RPG forum and database would be complete without a recipe board?

Vereniki dsc_35412 Cups Sour Cream
1 teaspoon Salt
4 cups Flour
2 Egg Whites
Mix these ingredients into a smooth dough. Roll out and cut into circles, make sure the dough is fairly thin. Place filling in the middle of round, fold one side over and pinch all the way around. Drop into boiling water and cook for about 5 minutes, drain and they are ready to eat or fry in butter then eat.

3 cups Hoop Cheese or Queso Fresca
Salt & Pepper to taste
Dash of Dill weed
2 eggs yolks
2 Tablespoons cream if too dry

zwiebachAdd 3 teaspoons dry yeast (not instant) to:
2 cups very warm milk
2/3 cups lard (part butter, part crisco)
2 teaspoons Sugar

When yeast is dissolved and foamy, add:
2 teaspoons salt
3 cups Flour
Beat until smooth and continue to add flour, up to about 3 cups more until the dough is just past the cohesive stage. Knead briskly by hand for a few minutes and then place in covered bowl in warm place allowing dough to rise until at least doubled. Knead it gently. Allow to rise again. When it as doubled again, very gently, trying not to push the air out of the dough, pick up a section of the dough and squeeze off balls. Big ones for the bottom and smaller ones for the tops. Press the top half of zweiback firmly onto the bottom half. Let rise on pan, keeping them covered. When very light, bake in a hot oven, 400-424 degrees F until light brown. Take out of oven and dump onto cloth covered rack upside down to cool.

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