House Rules

The follow rules supersede anything written in the various texts or found on the interweb. They are up for debate, should you feel them to be unfairly balanced toward one side or another, but the GM (whomever he or she might be) gets to make the final call.

  1. Everything stacks, and there are no dice caps. 
    • Normally, if you have an artifact that adds +3 to move and another that adds +2, it’s like D&D where only the greater of the two bonuses is applied. I’m saying stack, and stack away. Any bonuses you have stack.
    • Attribute/Ability charms are still limited per charm, but other charms can stack on top of it.
      • If an Exalt with [Dexterity 5 + Melee 5 + Specialty 3 + Weapon Accuracy 2] would roll 15 dice for an attack. According to the rules, he could use charms like excellencies to increase his attack by a maximum of 10 (Attribute+Ability) no matter how many charms he uses. I’m over-riding that. You’re Exalts, capable of pushing yourselves to extremes, so while any one charm can only raise it by [Attribute+Ability], using a different charm can add to that total.
  2. You can have more than four dots of Specialties in any given Ability. 
    • Anathema interprets the “three dots for any specialty” rule as meaning only three total. For example, you could have “Martial Arts: Unarmed Combat +2” and “Martial Arts: Fighting Multiple Enemies +1”, since the two specialties added together equals 3 dots. I’m changing it to the following:
      • You can have up to two Specialties for each ability at up to three dots each.

      I know Anathema is pretty much approved by the guys who made the game, so they’re on-board with Anathema’s interpretation of the rules, but I feel like that is too limiting, like a mortal would be limited to only one specialty, but a Solar should be much more efficient than that.

  3. Piercing Damage has been changed in the Errata, but I’m over-riding that. 
    • Page 15 of the Scroll of Errata says that “Piercing weapons ignore four points of soak from the target’s armor.” But we’re going to stick with the original Second Edition rules and have Piercing weapons halve the soak of the target’s armor.