Merritt Campaign

Team-Testimonials_silentplagueThe Plague That Cries Out In Silence

An Essence 7 Abyssal Deathknight who slew the entire city of Merritt and converted it into a Shadowland, converting the manse found there into an Abyssal manse. Was slain in combat at The Battle For The Reclamation Of Merritt Tower, RY772.



Team-Testimonials_exiledinsilenceExiled in Shadows

An Abyssal Deathknight who seemed neither for nor against the Solar reclaiming Merritt, and at one point even tried to dissuade them from further pursuing the dangers in the upper levels of the tower.



Team_xtra_06Ogre-like Wyld Mutants

Summoned and enslaved by Silent Plague, the mutants agreed to return to their home far to the east after being freed by the Solars.



Team_solars_01Solar Doppelgangers

The product of Silent Plague’s dark experiments, the doppelgangers didn’t stand a chance on the Old Highway once confronted with the might of the Unconquered Sun’s chosen heroes.


Gem Campaign

  • Highway Brigands
    • Where once they attacked the caravans for Gem, they now protect the city with a vested interest, having sworn an Oath of fealty with Tanith.
  • The Solars who assaulted the Patrician
    • Bannor
    • Felk
    • hrffnygr
    • Keladi
    • Tanith


Tarsh Campaign

Hollow Bond’s Bitter Dwelling

An Infernal Exalt with strings attached to many powerful political figureheads in the An-Teng province and surrounding areas, possibly as far to the east as Chiaroscuro. His end-game is unknown, as are the number of puppets still in Creation, though his life was terminated while trying to help Governor Jarra flee Tarsh during the Feast of Lanterns, RY771.


The Toy Maker

A world-renowned toy maker, who was replaced by one of Hollow Bond’s Malfean puppets. The location of the real Toy Maker is still unknown.


Team_abyssal_02Governor Jarra

A political puppet by choice, the man sought to subjugate the entire region, but was bested by the Solars and fell in combat under the crotch-kicking foot of Bannor on the first eve of that infamous Feast of Lanterns.


Dragon-Blooded Militia

Legions of soldiers, protectors and bodyguards who abused their positions of power in the city, many of whom fell in combat on that same night.


Team_abyssal_06Political Officials

Any of the many members of Tarsh’s ruling councils – both the Merchant Council and the local Directorate – who still abuse their political positions for person gain, ensuring parts of the city remain structurally devastated, impoverished, and easily controllable.