History of Merritt (Old Merritt)
  • Was built by a wealthy merchant named Huskus Merritt, and is the size of a rather large estate, by local standards. He built it because it was the tallest cliff in the region and he enjoyed the view. In his arrogance, he didn’t realize how unstable the cliffs were.
  • He also built a rather elaborate series of wooden planks and walkways to get down to the sea 400 feet below, and had a rather large wharf built to hold his merchant fleet.
  • He prospered enough that naturally a small village popped up around the tower, and everyone enjoyed the bountiful fishing in the area.
  • But it wasn’t enough for greedy Huskus Merritt, so legend has it that he made a deal with an Anathema, and got more than he bargained for. Plus, they took his soul and everyone else suffered horribly.
  • One night, a particularly bad storm blew in and hit the area for over a week.
  • Parts of the cliff crumbled down into the sea, taking whole portions of the village with them, and strange ghosts or spirits of the departed started coming out at night.
  • The storm finally abated, but in its wake left a slew of sea monsters that would attack any fishing vessel that managed to untangle itself from the mess of a dock and wander from land.
  • The town was quickly dubbed “Old Merritt” and abandoned, and the living who remained moved the village farther inland to found “Merritt” and have been agrarian ever since.
  • Sometimes people say the ghosts or spirits will wander farther from the cliffs, looking for their missing friends and family, but one hasn’t been spotted for many years now.
  • People will occasionally still sneak out there from time to time for a party, and the occasional traveler will come around seeking the treasures still buried in Ol’ Merritt’s place, but those travelers don’t often find their way back…

Merritt Tower Layout

  • First Level – Entrance
    • As you look around the room, you see more of those perfect statues, standing fifteen feet tall, between ornately carved pillars that once rose over sixty feet tall, now crumbled in the decaying the archways. Long cords that held beautiful banners and tapestries now hang like the strands of a broken web, dusty and unlikely to hold the weight of a single person. You can feel a strong breeze coming through the open door, and can tell the wind is starting to pick up outside. 
  • Second Level – Grand Ballroom
  • Third Level – Guest Quarters
    • All suites, with smaller galleys and washrooms, and attached servants’ quarters.
    • Each main room has its own balcony, extravagantly decorated, and seems to have once had the same climate control system as the balcony on the previous floor.
  • Fourth Level – Lookout Observatory
    • There are ten pillars holding up an area that is otherwise open to the world.
    • In the center sits an empty pedestal, likely this was the hearth room when it was a Solar manse.
    • Bodies strung up all over the place, with runes drawn in blood under and above the bodies. Under each body and in the middle of each rune circle is an iron bowl, collecting the blood, and the outside edge of the rune is lined with candles that don’t seem to flicker in the heavy wind.
  • Fifth Level – Library
    • Floor to ceiling bookshelves, forty feet high, ladders strewn about, most broken. Most of the books appear to be badly burned and beyond readability, but a large portion has managed to survive.
  • Sixth Level – First-Age Workshop
    • To the left, a honeycomb of cells run along the floor, upper walls and ceiling, some with barred doors, some with solid, reinforced-looking doors, and sections of the wall have bodies chained to it. The cells along the floor seem to have once been sealed by some form of spell or artifact, which is currently inactive, so walking along most of the floor will require keeping your balance along the edges of the cells.
      • Dace is chained to one of the walls, battered and unconscious.
    • To the right, the wall is sectioned off into alcoves, workstations with tables covered in various tools, instruments and mechanical parts, and there are dozens of little goblins running about working on different projects and machines. A lot of it seems to have been pretty heavily smashed, and nothing seems to be in complete working order. Things are sparking, and often start smoking, sending the little goblins into a tizzy as they try to quell any fires before they get out of control. They don’t seem to take any notice of you.
      • On one of the tables are more of those red marbles-looking stones you found.
      • In the middle of the wall and amidst all of the kerfuffle, behind a pile of what looks like scrap, you see part of a large door, tightly sealed, looks like it might be some kind of vault. It can only be unlocked with a special key or a charm, and is filled with various orichalcum armor and artifacts, all of it in disrepair or partially taken apart or melted down.
      • On either side of the door to the vault are weapon and armor racks full of Soulsteel weapons and armor, as well as masterfully crafted mortal weapons and armor, shoddily crafted ones fitted for fairly large humanoid creatures.
  • Seventh Level – War Room & Aviary
    • Cool stuffs
  • Eighth Level – Upper Lookout
    • Cool stuffs… and death.