Every “artist” is supposed to have a portfolio, so here’s mine. Keep in mind that I am not taking on new clients at this time. Every few years I drag my novel out of mothballs, take an online course on something new, or have a kid, and I’m currently in the Bermuda Triangle. Though if you add “homeownership” and “DMing multiple D&D campaigns” to the mix, it’s more of a Bermuda Pentagon. So again, this page is for display purposes only. Not for sale. The hardest part of doing graphic design for someone else is when they’re subjective opinion is objectively incorrect, but they’re paying you, so it doesn’t matter. Below is a sample of my more recent graphic design work that I approve of.


Local Authors

The most rewarding design work I’ve done in recent years has been working with local authors. Typesetting books, designing book covers, bookmarks, event posters and fliers, or creating their websites. I miss being so actively involved in the local author/book publishing community. Maybe someday I’ll jump back into it. Who knows?


Website Development

A collection of the more recent websites WordPress sites I’ve thrown together for people. They are in no particular order, though the top row were the most fun to work on. Also keep in mind that I am no longer responsible for maintaining these sites, so I apologize on behalf of the internet if they have fallen into disrepair.


Logos & Imprints

This is a collection of the Imprints I created for HBE Publishing. The list grew each time the need for a new imprint came up, and it was challenging but very enjoyable to keep up with demand.


Event Posters

Some of my favorite posters from the past few years. Most of the them are from events held or sponsored by A Book Barn and/or Wild About Books.


Flyers & Brochures

I have more than these, but I’m just flat out too lazy to plug my computer tower in and grab the preview images. Rest assured, I’ve made brochures for several local companies and organizations, as well as the local branches of several international organizations. I know, I know, you’re thinking, “Dang it Josh, this is why I came here today! Why the heckle would I want to have bookmarks made when I could have brochures??” And you’re right.